Mehndi designs those are awesome according to trending fashion

Mehndi designs those are awesome according to trending fashion

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Mehndi is a cosmetic that is used to beautify young ladies. It is a paste and has unique properties for complete beauty. Mehndi is an ornament that has artistic interaction from couple of decades. This paste is used for skin decoration and different parts of body. In context of marriage and other events mehndi has huge importance for perfect look.


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Mehndi signifies for ornament of fashion. It has plentiful beauty standard due to exclusivity of designs and patterns that are applied on hands and feet. Back hand mehndi designs are very popular and very fascinating. These designs are very fascinating not only for girls but also for young women. In this design, different petals and flowers are very amazing. So, back hand mehndi designs are very unique in these days. Multiple flowers and patterns are looking wonderful.

 We can also call it symbol of occasion because of variations in colors scheme. People considered a essential paste power for enhancement of beauty level. People feel pleasant and fresh due to its application.


Owing to multiple features and characteristics, this ornament became cause of catching attention.  So, due to variations and outstanding patterns this powder form paste is categorized in many names and designs.

Dampen your brush or cotton swab with water.  Dip it in the turmeric and rub it around until it’s full of yellow.  Then, rub that into the area of henna pattern you want to stain yellow.  Rub in more turmeric.  Let it dry and rub in more turmeric.  When the turmeric area is dry, rub over the area with a tissue to polish off the excess.  Don’t wash the area you put turmeric on for 12 hours after applying, to give it time to penetrate and stain the skin.  Wash less, or wash gently to keep your turmeric brightly colored as long as possible.

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Turmeric lasts 2 days on skin, but you can make it last longer by rubbing in more turmeric each day.

 This turmeric power can be applied in various forms such dry form and in glitter form and also in orange-red form. There are number of designs such as floral, Arabic, Asian, Indian and Pakistani styles. Owing to stylistic body it is highly categorized.

Bridal Mehndi design:

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Marriage is the most precious day for the girl. So every girl wants to have prettiest Mehndi designs on her wedding day. These are some marvelous Mehndi designs that the girls can have.

Trending Mehndi Designes

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