Use of Yogurt: Treats Dandruff and prevents hair loss.

Use of Yogurt: Treats Dandruff and prevents hair loss.

The creamy white yogurt sitting in your fridge is not just a wonderful element to stir up rapid side dishes in the summer, but also a great food for your skin and hair.

Loaded in protein, calcium, lactic acid, zinc, and vitamins B2, B12 and B5, it’s a successful weapon in your arsenal of DIY face masks and hair packs. Let’s dig deeper to find out more about the appetizing benefits of yogurt.


One of the main reasons of dandruff in your hair is being there of yeast. Curd being a usual antifungal cause, prevents the increase of fungus, therefore giving you a dandruff-free well hair and scalp. The anti-inflammatory agents there in curd also give relief from the longing caused due to dandruff.


Easy one-minute whip up

Spray some water on your hair to make it a little soggy and then apply a kind amount of curd to the scalp and hair. You can stay it on for 30 – 60 Minutes and then wash it carefully with plain water. Besides serving you get rid of dandruff, the protein in curd will also make stronger your hair.

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