Shireen Anwar

Shireen Anwar

Shireen Anwar is among the top third renowned cooking expert of Pakistan. Among the Top 10 Chefs in Pakistan she made her position due to intensive hard work. She has her own cooking show on Masala TV. She used to give cooking classes back in the 90s and has gained fame from that point. She is among the most respected food specialists around the world. She began her own particular cooking show as a celebrity on TV channel Masala TV. Shireen Anwer says that she is inspired by Zubaida Aapa and Chef Mehboob. Her enthusiasm and affection for cooking has additionally propelled her to discover new dishes. She is appreciated by a huge number of cooking show thus stood at third position among popular most Top ten Chefs in Pakistan.

Shireen Anwar is a be obvious amongst the most famous cooking expert on Masala channel, she is the host of cooking show Masala Morning. Her authenticity and respectfulness has made her a most loved of everybody. Albeit numerous individuals don’t know however Shireen Anwar did not figure out how to cook until after she was hitched, before marriage she says couldn’t even broil an egg. Subsequent to getting hitched, she took proficient cooking classes in Pakistan, US, and UK, and India to suitably figure out how to cook distinctive sorts of food.

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