Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 : Day First- Aamna Aqeel

Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 : Day First- Aamna Aqeel

If anyone knows how to master the off-shoulder trend impeccably, it’s Aamna. A collection titled ‘Palace Wonderland’, the designer was on a mission to communicate with the avant-garde fashion brood. Though it was inspired by imperial courts of the sub-continent, it oozed a futuristic vibe. The crème ensembles that boasted flowy patterns and renewed cuts were most certainly utter knock-outs. The simplistic feel of the glitzy assemblages engulfed audiences in a fantastical spectacle.

Aamna Aqeel’s ‘Palace Wonderland’ had highs and lows. One has to give credit to the designer for thinking beyond quintessential wedding-wear and including slinky number that could work their way into a ball.

There were pieces that were eye-catching: among them, the blacks worked with gold filigree, culottes bordered with beige floral swirls and a full-sleeved embellished sari worn by Nadia Hussain. However, there were other pieces that didn’t make much impact – the off-shoulder pink shirts, for instance.

Aamna Aqeel’s 17-piece bridal and trousseau collection was an opulent and majestic capsule inspired by imperial courts of the sub-continent; eye-catching garden-scapes and exquisite flora and fern which were rendered into artisanal works of magnificence. The goddess-like collection comprised of modern cuts and flowy designs had a perfect mix of golds and whites. This was followed by bold colorism inclusive of strong maroons paired with gorgeous emerald, creating perfect bridal ensembles.






Aamna Aqeel

Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 - Day 1

Fashion Pakistan Week 2017


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