Picklet Meat (Achar Gosht) Recipe

Picklet Meat (Achar Gosht) Recipe

This Picklet Meat recipe will guide you for making a ideal Picklet Meat at home. It is a very highly spiced meat dish. In this recipe, different spices and pickle are cooked with meat and after cooking we get a very tasteful main course dish. Let’s learn Picklet Meat recipe under and try it and home. Also tell us how it was!


Mutton (small pieces)  :  1 kg

Yogurt   :  1/2 kg

Tomato Paste   :   1 cup

Garlic Ginger Paste   :  1 table spoon

Red Chili Powder   :   As required

Salt   :   As per your taste

Green Chili   :   50 grams

Cooking Oil   :   3/4 cup

Achar Masala/SpIce   :   As required

Clone   :   As required

Sonf    :   As required

Cumin   :   1 Tea spoon

Fenugreek Seeds   :   As required



Method :


  • Firstly make the combination of ginger, chili powder, salt, garlic and yogurt.
  • Now soak the meat in the mixture for 2 hours.
  • Heat the oil, put the spiced meat and fry until spices are separated.
  • Add the water and cook on low flame until the meat is tender.
  • Crush the achaar spice and add 1 tea spoon salt in it.
  • Slit green chilies vertically from one side and get its seeds out.
  • Now add green chilies with ground achaar spice.
  • When the water dries out from meat, dispense tomato paste, garnish cooked meat with swollen chilies and put the remaining achaar spice.
  • Now lower the heat and leave it for some time until chilies are tender.

Picklet Meat is ready to serve.


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