10 new features of Android Oreo that you should know

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This article tells you about 10 New Android Oreo Features You Must Know About.

Friends, Android Oreo is the eighth major version of the Android operating system.

It was first launched as an alpha quality developer advance in March 2017 and finally released to the public on August 21, 2017.

Friends, it is true that a very small number of smartphones gets the Android Oreo update.

The latest Android Oreo operating system is currently running only at 0.8% of smartphones.

However, this number is expected to increase as smartphone manufacturers are implementing the Android Oreo update for their smartphones.

If your phone is high-end and only 2 years old, then there is little chance of getting the Android Oreo update. And this also depends entirely on the manufacturer of your phone.

As you all know, the Oreo is the favorite cookie in the world, which usually consists of two wafers of chocolate and between these there is a sweet cream that fills it.

Google says that the new Android Oreo is smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever.

Therefore, now without losing more time, let us know about the 10 new Oreo features of Android.

10 new features of Android Oreo that you should know.

These are the 10 new features of Android Oreo –

# 1. Faster than ever :

when you start your Android devices, notice that the phone boots 2 times faster than Nougat or any previous operating system. And now you can do your homework 2 times faster than ever.

# 2. Better RAM management :

After the Oreo update, he discovered that the operating system has better performance. It’s the superpower you can not even see.

# 3. Autocomplete :

Now you do not even have to type your username or password.

Suppose, once you log in to an application and grant permission to access that information (such as: username or password) in the future and then log out from the application.

Now, if you want to log in to that application again, you do not have to rewrite the information.

The AutoComplete feature remembers your logins to access your favorite applications at supersonic speed.

# 4. Image in image :

This is a multitasking feature of this Android Oreo. By using this function, you can make video calls, search for an application in the drawer of the application or perform another job at the same time.

You can also play videos from YouTube, Chrome, etc. anywhere on the screen and also read some articles at the same time.

In simple words, Picture In Picture allows you to see two applications at once. This is one of the amazing features of Android Oreo.

# 5. Notification points :

This feature helps you to know about the notification of an application directly on the icon. You do not need to open the application to verify the notification. Press the notification point to instantly see what’s new. And you can easily erase them by sliding away.

# 6. New Emojis :

In the new Android Oreo, you find the new emojis. Now Android changes the look of its old emoji. This looks a lot better than before.

# 7. Smart text selection :

In the previous version of Android, it also has the function of text selection, but Oreo has the functions of intelligent text selection. Suppose you copy the digits using the Chrome browser or any other application that resembles a phone number, your new Android Oreo will show you an option to direct the number in your dailer.

# 8. Replay notification :

Here the new Android Oreo gives you the option to postpone the notification. Now you can set custom times to postpone the notification.

# 9. Changes in the user interface :

In the Android Oreo, the entire user interface is now changed. Now you will see Settings on the white background and the status bar also blank with black text. The interface of Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat are almost the same. But the Oreo has a lot of new features and a great new user interface.

# 10. Automatic Wi-Fi :

Now you do not need to connect to your Wi-Fi network to connect to the known network. It means previously if you use a Wi-Fi network regularly on your Android smartphone and now if your wi-fi is disabled, then Oreo will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi network, connect to the network and reduce the data on the mobile Internet .

So, these were the 10 new features of Android Oreo that you should know.

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