100% Guaranteed ways to make money Online

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5 Best and 100% Guaranteed ways to make money Online

Guaranteed ways to make money online on internet It sounds a bit more complicated to hear the word. You must have heard about this issue and you have also been searching the Internet because today there is internet and everyone wants to make the Internet the basis to earn money online.

But making money online is not that easy. In any case, a lot of work is required in every job in the world. If you can not work hard and do not have patience, this field is not for you. There has been a lot of online competition in recent years. One of the advantages of online work is that you can also do it with your work or work.

5 better ways and 100% working to make money on the Internet through the Internet

1) Earn Money From YouTube

Earn Money From YouTube

Outube is a good option for you to earn money online. There are many people who earn a lot of money by making youtube a way to earn their money online, so you can also make YouTube earn money online through the Internet.

For this, you must create a channel on YouTube and put your own videos and recorded on it. If your inserted videos are good and you get good opinions about them, you can earn a lot of money on YouTube.

To earn money with YouTube, you must have all your videos and YouTube channels installed in Google Adsense. Once your channel monetizes to google adsense and then adds adsense to channels and videos, Google adsense starts showing video ads at the beginning of your video. After this, whenever any of your visitors see your video, the ads will appear in Google adsense before the video starts. Google Adsense will give you money to see those ads and click on them.

So, if your YouTube videos are viewed by many people and more followers of your channel, then you can earn good money through Google AdSense from YouTube and then transfer money to the Google Adsense account and transfer it to your bank account. This is the best option.

2) Create Your Own Blog / Website

Create Your Own Blog / WebsiteWriting blogs and creating websites is also a good and 100% reliable way to earn money online. There are many Indian bloggers who earn a good month from their blogs or websites. If you also have the art of creating and writing blogs and working hard on it, then you can earn a lot of money with blogs.

Earning money from blogs and websites is something like YouTube. You have to put videos on YouTube, but you have to write good posts on blogs or websites. If you have good readers and followers on your blog and get good views in your blog posts, you can also make money with your blog.

For this, you also need to add your blog to Google adsense just like YouTube. Once you add blogs to AdSense, AdSense starts showing ads in all blog posts and blogs, and whenever your blog visitors click on those ads, AdSense will give you money.

To make money with blogs, you need to work very hard online, and you have to make your blog very popular. If your blog becomes famous once and begins to have good readers, then your blog can give you good money.

3) Earn From PTC Sites

Earn From PTC SitesPTC websites (pay per click) can also be an option for you to earn a payment online. On the PTC website, you should see the 30-second editions and the websites you visit to give you money. The more ads you see when you click on them, you will have the same benefit.

Here you must click and read 10 to 30 seconds of ads and receive payments to see each ad.
There are many places where you can earn money and charge by reading an ad. All sites are free and not invested in them.

You can check this list of the 5 best PTC sites, subscribe and start winning, but you must choose a reliable website for it.

4) Sell Photos and Earn Money

If you have the skills to take good pictures, you can sell your captured photos online and earn good money.

Sell Photos and Earn MoneyThere are many websites that buy your photos or sell your photos. You can sell your photo by making an account by visiting that website. Every time someone buys their photo from that website, then the website has some money and gives the rest of the money.

In the same way, you can sell your photos directly on some of those websites if your photos are good and your default price is correct, then the website can buy your image directly. Similarly, you can sell your photos and make money sitting at home.

5) Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good option to earn money online from the Internet at home. If you have information about it, you can earn a lot of money with it.

Do Affiliate MarketingYour social network must be very large to make money with affiliate marketing. If you have more fanfare about blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., then you can choose affiliate marketing to earn money online. For this, you must be affiliated with large shopping websites, such as Amazon, Flipkart or Godaddy, and you must market your products. Then, when your product link is publicized or shared, if someone buys that product, then the company will give you a part of it and these will be your profits.

Therefore, you can do affiliate marketing by becoming an affiliate of such websites and then share them with your friends and buy your underwear, you can earn good money with affiliate marketing.

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