5 Tips to Rank your Website on google 1st page

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When it comes to online business, it is clear that the importance of your website in the search engine results is of vital importance, perhaps now more than ever. A website that ranks high in search engine results when searching for particular keywords is a profitable website. Remember that the greater the online visibility of your website, the greater the number of visitors to your website. A greater number of visitors to your website means a greater number of potential customers for the products and services of your company. It’s that easy. This is basically what makes search engine optimization crucial when it comes to business websites and blogs.

Anyway, a simple search of a particular keyword or phrase in Google returns hundreds of results, if not thousands. It is simple logic; A potential consumer is more likely to click on the links that appear on the first pages of the search engine results, if not on the first page. But how do you make your site appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo? It is not as difficult as most online entrepreneurs and new companies would think. You just need to have the correct information. Having said that, here are 5 tips for your website to reach page 1 of Google and other search engines.

1.now the importance of the content

When it comes to online business and high ranking of web pages, the content is king and will always agree with Forbes content contributor and marketer, Steve Olenski [1]. Create web content that is not only relevant but also useful for your target market and for website visitors and, before you know it, the traffic on your site begins to increase. Keep high quality content that stays updated and updated, and your site becomes the dominant giant in your online business niche. Search engines will always detect optimized content for search engines instead of users, so you’ll want to avoid over optimization but use the most relevant keywords.

2. Choose and use your correct keywords

Even though there are several ways to reach your target customers online according to internet marketing expert, Julian Connors [2], keywords are still a very important factor when it comes to ranking web pages. Optimized web content must have relevant, researched, and high-ranking keywords. Use relevant keywords in your publications, business descriptions, social profiles and other online platforms and you can find your site on Google page 1 the next time you search the Internet.

3. Do not forget backlinks

Backlinks are quite crucial when it comes to the ranking of search engines. Stay interested in the content of your website and make sure that each page has inbound backlinks to blogs and high authority websites. However, it is important to link only sites with content that is relevant to your business or the message you are trying to convey specifically in your content. You may want to start by learning some of the smart ways to create backlinks for your website before you even read the following advice [3].

4. Use directories

Local commercial directories, article directories and web directories are quite important when it comes to search engine optimization. One way to use the power of directories to improve the ranking of your website’s page is to write high-quality articles and send them to trusted article directories with a link to your website. These attract value and traffic, which is nice for search bots and spiders.

5. Stay White Hat

There is no point in classifying your website in a high place, only to be reduced after a few days on page 1. White Hat SEO is the type of search engine optimization that complies with the regulations of the search engines. On the other hand, black hat SEO is the type in which someone uses forms not allowed to increase the ranking of search engines or cheating to increase traffic to your website [4]. If you want to stay on the first pages of Google results and avoid possible heavy fines, adhere to White Hat SEO.

These tips can help you locate your site on the home page of the search engine if you adhere to them and maybe work with a trusted SEO expert in your area for local SEO. If you come from Australia, for example, you will want to do local search engine optimization and work with an SEO company in Australia that really delivers results.


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