50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

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List of 50 small-scale profitable business ideas to start with a low investment

Are you looking for small scale manufacturing business ideas with little investment? Find here in this list of articles the best business ideas of manufacturing that you can start with less money.

The manufacture of products is one of the most popular commercial formats worldwide. And this is one of the most lucrative revenues in the sector. However, in general, the manufacturing business initially requires a reasonable capital investment. Capital investment is required for machinery, equipment, raw materials, personnel and marketing purposes.

However, there are manufacturing opportunities that demand a relatively small initial capital. In addition, you can start these manufacturing businesses below with a small machine and you can operate your own business in your backyard.

Here we put a list of the 50 most profitable small-scale manufacturing companies selected that can start with a low budget.

# 1. Manufacture of automotive parts

If you have experience and expect a low-cost business in the automotive industry, manufacture spare parts and tools for automobiles and vehicle manufacturers.

# 2. Manufacture of herbal hair oil

Herbal hair oil (Ayurvedic) is gaining immense importance in modern times. It is exhibiting its versatility due to its embalming effect to relieve headache and cause a calming effect. This hair oil comprises mainly vegetable oils in origin as a base and a mixed perfume.

# 3. Bakery

The bakery business is a very lucrative opportunity for new entrepreneurs. In addition, the business offers a wide range of expansion areas. Initially, you can start the business with a small initial capital investment. However, you must purchase modern bakery machinery for quality production.

# 4. Manufacture of banana wafers

An entrepreneur can start a banana wafer manufacturing project with little investment. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, bars, houses, etc. To prepare the banana wafers, you should use green bananas after cleaning, slicing and frying. This is a popular appetizer and has a good demand in the market.

# 5. Bread making

You can start a bread making project with a considerably low investment. In addition, it does not require a major license. Bread is a hygienically manufactured and packaged snack product available at a comparatively cheap price. At present, bread is becoming one of the essential foods in the human diet due to its ready availability and its high nutritional value. It is the most consumable wheat-based bakery product.

# 6. Candle making

Making candles at home is good business for housewives and mothers looking to earn some extra money from creative passion. However, anyone can start this business with a small initial capital and even from home.

# 7. Make sweets

If you love cooking and you love the taste of chocolates, you can start this business from home. The idea of ​​doing business with candy is a fantastic way to turn your hobby and skill into a profitable home-based business model. The homemade sweets are very easy to make and also very popular.

# 8. Manufacture of cotton buds

Cotton swabs are very useful household items. They are short spindles with one or both ends covered with an absorbent cotton padding. With a simple small machine, you can start a small business in the manufacture of cotton swabs.

# 9. Bindi designer doing

The designer bindi is an essential beauty product for women. And there are several types of bindis available in the market. Bindi designer doing business is profitable. And anyone can start this business from home with a very small capital investment.

# 10. Manufacture of washing powder

Almost 67% of the total production of synthetic detergent powders is produced in the small-scale sector, has a very large production of soap and 50% of the total production in a small sector. A new entrepreneur can venture into this field by installing a blue powder detergent unit to meet the present and future demand of people.

# 11. Manufacture of diapers

Who else knows better the importance of diapers than a mom and dad for a newborn child? The diaper is a product that is needed throughout the year. The cost of diapering is also much lower. You can make diapers and sell them wholesale.

# 11. Micro brewery business

Interested in tasting fresh brewed beer? Well, you transform that interest into a very good business idea. You can start your micro brewery business that will be characterized by its emphasis on quality, taste and processing technique.

# 12. Manufacture of disposable paper plates

Disposable plates and paper plates, as the name suggests, are made of special quality paper reinforced with polyethylene sheets to make it leak proof. These products are comfortable to use to serve meals during family functions, eat chats and sandwiches, fruits, sweets, etc.

# 13. Manufacture of disposable plastic syringes

The manufacture of disposable plastic syringes is perfect for people who have years of experience in the medical products market. This type of disposable syringes usually come with plastic material. They are used in the field of medical and veterinary science. They are used for intramuscular and intravenous injections and are eliminated immediately after use.

# 14. Manufacture of exercise books

An entrepreneur can start an exercise book manufacturing business with a moderate capital investment. The production of exercise books with creative colored covers and glossy lamination gives the product an attractive appearance. You can design the covers in your unit or you can outsource a raw material.

#15. Manufacture of food dyes

The concentrated food coloring manufacturing project is a profitable enterprise for new entrepreneurs. As the food industry grows at a good pace, the demand for food colors is also expected to increase. Coloring the food can make it appealing in appearance. In addition to this, coloring agents can also improve the taste of foods.

#16. Manufacture of fruit pulp

The demand for fruit sauce such as tomato sauce, cold sauce, jam, etc. It remains throughout the year. There are several methods of food preservation, including thermal processing, fermentation, pickling, dehydration, freezing, etc.

# 17. Manufacture of clothes

The garment manufacturing business activity is enormous. It includes the operations of buying fabrics from a textile producer, cutting them and stitching them to make clothing materials. And only after that, can you sell the finished garments. When establishing a successful garment manufacturing business, you must be careful when choosing products, buying equipment, establishing your company as a brand and marketing your products.

# 18. Making ginger oil

There is a large market for fresh and dry ginger. The main application of ginger oil is confectionery beverages and baked goods. There is also a minor outlet for the perfumery industry. The current demand for ginger oil is estimated at 517.68 tons per year. The demand is expected to reach 4,212 tons by the year 2022. The manufacture of ginger oil is a good potential company for emerging entrepreneurs.

# 19. Manufacture of guar gum

Guar gum, locally called guaran, is a galactomannan. It is basically the ground endosperm of guar beans. The guar seeds were shelled, ground and sieved to obtain guar gum. Normally it is produced as a free-flowing whitish powder. In addition, it is a natural thickener for food, similar to algarrobo gum, cornstarch or tapioca flour.

# 20. Ice Cream Manufacture

Any individual can start a small-scale ice cream manufacturing business with moderate capital investment. Ice cream is defined as a frozen dairy product made by mixing and processing the cream and other dairy products together with the sugar, flavor, stabilizer and incorporation of air during stirring during the freezing process. Ice cream is consumed by all sectors of society, especially children.

# 21. Manufacture of iodized salt

The manufacturing process of iodized salt is not very complex. Iodized salt is a common common salt treated with potassium iodate 50 to induce the correct amount of iodine in the diet to improve iodine deficiency in people throughout the country. Salt was the name that was originally given to the residue left by the evaporation of seawater.

# 22. Making jelly jam

Jam and jelly, both are very healthy foods. In addition, the manufacturing operation requires a small place. In addition, you can start making marmalade jam from your kitchen with your cooking utensils. And as your business grows, you can scale at any time.

# 23. Manufacture of jeans

The business opportunity of jeans manufacturing or denim production requires adequate knowledge about textile design and current trends. In addition, the business requires a significant capital investment. However, with proper planning, you can start the small-scale jeans manufacturing project. Jeans today are very popular garments as informal or casual clothing among men, women and children as well.

# 24. Jewelry making

Jewelry is a broad industry worldwide. And there are thousands of different types of jewelry that we can find in the market. In general, the artificial, costume and semiprecious jewels are the most popular among the large group of the population.

# 25. Manufacture of jute bags

Jute fiber is an ecological article. And you can produce different types of bags with jute. In addition, you can decorate those bags with embroidery, mirrors or beads. You just need to have a good quality sewing machine.

# 26. Manufacture of leather bags

Men and women use leather bags today. And the demand for good quality leather bags is increasing very rapidly. In addition, with some simple tools and manual equipment, you can start this business from your home. However, you must obtain good quality leather to produce good quality bags.

# 27. Matchstick doing business

Any individual can start a matchmaking business as a small-scale Base. However, you must maintain security measures strictly. Matches are consumer products and the demand grows day by day. An entrepreneur who is knowledgeable in the distribution of channels can start a match making business with a moderate capital investment.

# 28. Manufacture of micronutrient fertilizers

The business of manufacturing micronutrients involves an elaborate process of inventory management, production, packaging and marketing. In addition, entrepreneurs who have knowledge about the chemical industry can start this business with a reasonable capital investment.

# 29. Mineral water manufacturing

Mineral water plant normally uses mountain spring water to produce bottled water. While the bottled drinking water plant uses the groundwater through Borewell as a water source. And then purify with several purification applications to produce bottled drinking water.

# 30. Manufacture of naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls are very useful to prevent all insect attack. They are widely used as a domestic preservative for wool clothing and as a deodorant in tablets for toilets, urinals, bathrooms, etc. You can produce balls from naphthalene flakes with a ball-shaped tablet machine. This industry requires some machinery and technical knowledge.

# 31. Noodle Making

This is another lucrative small-scale production business that can start with a small capital. In addition, at any time, you can expand the business. Noodles are a very popular food all over the world. However, you must obtain a space, machinery and raw materials to start production.

# 32. Packaging of boxes

You can start this company whether you live in a metropolitan city or in a suburban area. Everything good small and large after its manufacture needs a box for packaging. In addition, each product-based company is always looking for an attractive and durable packaging box. And it is the most important element to send the product to the end users.

# 33. Manufacture of paper bags

Paper bags are common packaging materials. In addition, it is an essential element for many industries. The list includes textiles and fabric merchants, dry cleaners, bakeries, grocery stores, stationery, candy vendors, etc.

# 34. Make potato powder

You can start making potato powder with a small investment. Location plays an important role in the success of this business. You must select a location where you can easily obtain the raw potato. In addition, Kufri Chipsona, Kufri Jyoti and Chandramukhi are the most suitable varieties for the processing of potato powder. The demand for potato powder is increasing. Because potato powder is easy to use for many food processing companies.

# 35. Manufacture of rubber bands

Rubber bands are very useful items. Sometimes we use elastic bands like hair bands. And sometimes we use the bands to a large extent in agriculture, the automobile, the packaging industry, the newspaper industry. You can start this business at home with a very small capital investment.

# 36. Soap making

You can start a soap making business with some simple equipment at home. Homemade soaps are in great demand in the market. And the required raw materials are readily available in the market. In general, there are two different types of soap making processes that you can opt for.

# 37. Manufacture of soy meat

Soy meat or bari is a delicious meal. And the demand for this article is increasing very rapidly in the countries of Asia Pacific. The production process is simple. In addition, you can start the business with a small capital investment. However, you will have to acquire machinery and raw materials to start production.

# 38. Making Namkeen salty snacks

The salty snacks manufacturing project has many areas and a great demand in the market, since it is a product of the FMCG industry. In addition, the product comes with a wide range of varieties. And the list includes Dalmoth, Chanachur & Bhujia, etc.

# 39. Making Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is one of the oldest condiments in the world. In addition, it is an essential ingredient to make several delicious foods. However, you can start your soy sauce production business with a small capital investment. The production process is also simple.

# 40. Manufacture of Tutti Frutti

Tutti frutti is a colorful confection that contains different cut and candied fruits. The main ingredients for the manufacture of tutti frutti are fruits and sugar. You can start the business on a small scale.

# 41. Vermicompost production

If gardening is your hobby and you have a garden, you can start this business. And compost fertilizer is considered organic fertilizer. And the vermicompost production process is simple. However, you must have some skill and experience to start the business.

# 42. Vinegar manufacturing

Vinegar is a liquid that consists mainly of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and water. In addition, vinegar has a wide variety of industrial, medical and domestic uses. The manufacture of vinegar is a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

# 43. Carpentry

Carpentry is comparatively an easy business to start with a small initial capital investment. If you can start the business at home, only the investment aspects are some manual tools and wood as raw material.

# 44. Manufacture of baking powders

Baking powder is a dry chemical fermentation agent. In addition, it is an important element in the food processing industry.

The production process is simple. Additionally, the unit requires simple machinery. With a small infrastructure and a small investment, anyone can start doing baking powder manufacturing business.

# 45. Disposable plastic cups

At this time, people do not have time to sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea. This is where disposable plastic cups are becoming very popular. This is a great business opportunity because they have high potential returns.

The manufacturing process is simple. It does not need a lot of space or a lot of capital to get going. In addition, you can sell the items in your local market.

# 46. Small scale tannery

A Tannery is a skin and skin processing unit that produces quality finished leathers. And the companies that manufacture leather products are the main consumers of finished leather. It goes without saying that there is a tremendous opportunity for growth in the Tanneries business.

# 47. Manufacture of toys

Toy making is an always green business. This is a manufacturing business for all seasons where the demand for products does not depend on seasonal changes.

# 48. Making cookies

You can start making cookies and cookies by doing business directly from your kitchen. If you are a passionate baker and enjoy cooking, you can start this business. In addition, you can start this business with simple machines and equipment.

# 49. Manufacture of handicrafts

If you have a creative mind and like to do crafts, then the craft business is perfect for you.

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# 50. Make chalk

Chalks are widely used in schools. In addition, these are the essential elements in the sewing industry. In addition, the process of making chalk is very simple and anyone can start this business from home.

The livestock industry of our country is very promising. So the skin and the skins are available here. And skin and skin are also the main byproduct of meat processing centers.

Small manufacturing is the wonderful opportunity to start the business trip for anyone. However, you must have the passion and dedication to your work and a strong belief in your product. In addition, a small-scale manufacturing business allows you to start a business taking minimal financial risk.

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