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I like that most people who now want to start a job online in Pakistan have very little information or ability to sell their services online. This is where Fiverr’s guide in Urdu reaches a market where buyers and the seller meet to meet their needs. All you need is an account and a little knowledge of the Internet and start selling your skills at only five dollars. You can start by selling logo designs, creating 3D maps, software installations, SEO services, writing articles or selling what you want to do in your life. So, if you are looking for how to make money with the advice of Pakistan, then you will simply land in the right place. All you need is dedication and time to learn the art of making money online.

How to earn money with Fiverr in Pakistan ?

First of all, you should know that Fiverr only allows you to create an account from an IP address or computer, so be sure to create an account from a machine. But here you must know that you have to create multiple accounts to earn more money, otherwise you will not succeed in this market. Also, just put 3 to 5 similar concerts in a single account so that when a client asks for your performance, you will be impressed from your profile. Therefore, install VPN for the creation of multiple Fiverr accounts and earn more.

How to how to signup ?

Before creating the account, you should bear in mind that the username must be related to your work. Put your real photo or at least some other human person to make people impress of your profile. Make sure the cover of your profile is very impressive and real, as this will improve your orders dramatically. Here is another video on how to create your profile in Urdu.

Fiverr Levels

Now that you have created your first account, it is necessary to know that Fiverr has different levels that will be assigned to you when it meets the specific requirements. Basically, three levels are assigned from Level 1, which is for basic users and allows you to create performances of up to five dollars only. Note that this level is not assigned when initialized initially. To achieve this level, you must successfully complete 10 tasks and remain active for 30 full days.

To reach Level 2, you must perform 50 concerts with two months of active time. Last but not least, there is the best seller, which is the last level. This level is very difficult to achieve, but if you do, you can earn thousands of dollars per month.

My Experience on Fiverr

Most of us treat Fiverr as a platform where we can only earn five dollars per task, but in reality if you are smart and professional enough in your tasks, you can generate more income. Also, if you offer concerts that are highly professional and can not be done in five dollars, you can ask your customers to communicate with you from outside this market so you can offer a higher price.

Fiverr Gig Ideas

So now is the time to tell you some ideas so you can follow these ideas and create your own concert. As mentioned above, you can start selling logo designs, server administration, installation of difficult software such as invoicing in boxes, conversion of maps in 3D, the cover of a 3D book, 3D reports, etc.

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