Thursday , 19 July 2018
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Bitcoin will reach $ 10,000 in 2019 : Todd Gordon

Bitcoin is among one of those digital currencies that fluctuate a lot every week; Cryptocurrency analysts are mostly able to predict the ups and downs, but these cryptocurrencies can go up or down when no one predicted it. 2018 has no doubt treated Bitcoin broadly, but 2019 is expected to be “the year” for Bitcoin. The technical analyst and founder …

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Is there a correlation between Bitcoin and the stock market ?

Bitcoin has become a frequent topic of discussion, and probably made you think of the cryptocurrency trade. Throughout 2017, Bitcoin encountered a big climb dragged down by a fall in early 2018. But because of its scandalous instability, you may be wondering how well the market is likely to do so. IC Markets, an Australian currency broker, decided to verify …

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$ 1.1 Billion in cryptocurrencies stolen in 2018 by dark web hackers

Darkweb is, presumably, the most dangerous part of the Internet, where many criminal acts occur anonymously, which allows the leakage of private data, pornography, theft of digital and paper money. Initially, it was always considered difficult to access the dark web because it needs special software to bypass the Internet police, but with the time of access to the Darkweb …

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How to market the initial Coin Offring using development hacking strategies

Most marketing specialists want to launch, expand and strengthen the position of their business in the market: they invest in promotion, distribution, awareness and information campaigns, among others. However, a growth hacker is a person who makes an extra effort, someone who strategically designs an efficient plan over time with only one goal in mind: to achieve growth. Hence the …

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