Cheapest Web Hosting and Domain Registration in Pakistan 2018

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As many of you already know, PayPal does not offer its services in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and in other countries as well. If PayPal offers its services in our country, we can easily buy the Godaddy or Hostgator domain to blog. Although one can easily verify the PayPal account in Pakistan, but we still have to rely on other sources like Payza to buy a new domain name and a cheap accommodation provider in Pakistan. But not many people know where to buy web hosting through Payza in Pakistan. Here I can clarify that you can buy a domain / web hosting from Godaddy or Hostgator through a bank check or a credit card, but it can be expensive and time consuming. Many foreign checks can take up to 40 days to settle. You must also pay the check compensation and bank charges for processing the checks.

Payza is arguably the most popular online payment processor in Pakistan due to its low rates (even free) and it is also the main payment processor of the PTC websites. So, if you do not have money to buy a new domain or web hosting, just use some of the main PTC websites and earn some money from there. When you win $ 20 to $ 30, buy your new domain from web hosting provider Payza. This is a good way to start if you are a newbie and do not want to invest money.

Where to buy domain / web hosting through Payza in Pakistan:


First, I will recommend because, first of all, it is cheap and, second, but good, is that they are the resellers of Hostgator, which is the most reliable and premium hosting provider in the world. Imagine that starting your new blog or website as low as ten dollars a year is really amazing along with the quality service they provide. Yes, you will be surprised to know that they provide their full support and the configuration of a blog or website will be completely free. You do not even need to install WordPress or databases because the whole process will be done by the support staff. The best thing about them is that they offer a variety of payment options such as Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve, Easy Paisa, bank transfer and UBL Omni.


For a quick configuration, is the best option for newcomers in Pakistan. Actually, my blog also hosts servers there. The support staff is very active and I have no problem so far with them. allows you to buy domain / web hosting through Payza without any additional change. So you can buy Hostinpk Starter Package for only $ 16 which contains 1 GB of data limit and 10 GB of bandwidth, which is more than enough for newbies. Another great feature is that the support can also be in Urdu language. It only takes half an hour after you buy your domain to configure it through Payza.


The second option is, which is an old hosting company that provides web purchase / hosting domain through Payza. They offer slightly expensive products compared to, but they are recommended for professionals and long-term bloggers. They have very fast servers and efficient support staff. The main advantage of is that they set up WordPress for you completely free of charge and can create an initial website for you if you wish. Its beginner package, which includes 100 MB of disk space and 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, can cost you $ 107 for 3 years. A bit expensive, but it’s worth it if you plan to get long-term income from the internet.

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