Coming Soon Eos Airdrops And How To Claim The Free Tokens

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The next six months will be very important for all cryptocurrencies. The market has not performed well in the last six months. According to reports, it is expected to grow in the coming months. Currently, there is good news for all EOS holders. A large amount of Airdrops will be available to holders in the coming weeks and months.

EOS is primarily a blockchain platform where developers can run decentralized applications to serve some of the important projects like Ethereum. Analysts believe that the EOS platform is more efficient than Ethereum. They have said this on the condition that programmers have to learn a new language to code the intelligent contract in Ethereum Blockchain. However, to work on the EOS platform, programmers who are good at C / C ++ are enough to work at EOS.

EOS Airdrops will arrive in next weeks

One of the main benefits of having particular cryptocurrencies is how one is eligible for Airdrop. The issuance of new tokens and currencies mainly affects cryptocurrencies. A large number of people who have Bitcoin and Ethereum benefit from this. But now, EOS incumbents will experience the same in the near future. In order to raise awareness about Blockchain’s new projects, one has to try different approaches.

As Crypto-ads are being banned by several popular platforms. Several companies believe that Airdrops is the best way to provide details about the latest project. Instead of making money through ICO, these projects provide value. This is a valuable decision, which is useful for all the people involved. EOS holders will receive tokens for existing projects and project developers will also receive the tokens.

For all people who want to receive payments, they can complete several for various crypto rewards that keep the next ICO. For more details, visit BountiesAlert.

List of upcoming EOS Airdrops

1. Atidium Airdrop

Atidium DApp provides a payment and budget management program specially discovered in EOS Platform. Here, one can receive an airdrop rate of 1: 1 exchange rate. Airdrop will occur on June 28, 2018.

2. Airdrop Ketos

The Cetos project aims to provide better medical care, planning to make a decentralized solution for the entire industry. The tokens will be available in a 1: 1 ratio. Airdrop will occur in June-July 2018.

3. Edna Airdrop

In this project, consumers will use the IATA structure to help airlines and hotel accommodations. All eligible participants must have 100 EOS tokens in their account before Genesis verifies it. Anyone who qualifies will receive 150 EDNa tokens, worth $ 150 each.

4. Airdrop Prospectors

Prospectors is basically a platform that runs on EOS and provides gaming opportunities. There will be mini-airdrop for 10,000 consumers, who will be distributed with 40 PGL tokens. Consumers can earn more chips by doing two things, refer their friends and follow Prospectors on Twitter.

5. EOS Airdrop cards and token

It is mainly based on entertainment. It is assumed that Airdrop occurs in July 2018 with an exchange rate of 1:10 tokens. This simply means that every 10 tokens are equal to 1 CNT Tokens.

6. EOSBet Airdrop

EOSBet will offer gaming opportunities to customers, which allows low bets and also offers free bets. It will provide 25 million airdrop token.

7. HireVibes Airdrop

HireVibes is a platform that helps users find suitable work opportunities according to their wishes and dreams. The Airdrop is likely to occur in Q3 of 2018.

8. HorusPay Airdrop

HorusPay offers a payment portal for employers in order to use their own chain of blocks. The tokens will be available in a 1: 1 exchange ratio and Airdrop will be available on June 30.

In addition to the above, there are also other Airdrops that will be made in the coming months. For the latest details on upcoming Airdrops, visit Airdropalert.


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