Convert your Head phone from Wired to Wireless

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Technology is something very interesting and there is a saying that everything is possible in this world. We all have headphones connected to something like computer, laptop, ipod, music system, etc. And that makes us very irritating because we have to sit next to them to listen to our favorite music. The cables also have their advantages, as you get divine quality without noise and you do not need additional power, but once again the disadvantage is that you can not move freely. With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can move anywhere in your home or office and listen to everything the receiver is connected to.

Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth stereo headset:

The solution is Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth Stereo Headset that you can buy on with a price of only $ 28. All you need to do is connect this device to the end of your headphone jack and connect the Bluetooth reception to the source (it’s say, computer, iPod, music system, HD TV, etc.). The good news is that you can also receive phone calls and it will automatically change from music to call.

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