Digiskills Backed By The Government Of Pakistan. Now Accepts Registrations Of Interested Young People

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The government-backed program DigiSkills, with the ambition to train at least 1 million young people to work independently, has just opened apprenticeships for apprentices. Those interested in being part of this program can now register to enroll in a variety of available courses to equip them with online income. Most of the skills taught are 21st century skills.

The program was formally launched by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in February with the ambition to train at least 1 million young people with digital skills to help them win through independent work platforms.

Speaking on the occasion, Anusha Rehman said:

“The DigiSkills program is a major effort of the Ministry that will create online job opportunities to allow young people to earn from $ 200 to $ 300 per month.”

Anusha Rehman believes that the program has the potential to increase the country’s exports to more than $ 10 billion in a few years.

“The DigiSkills program offers all courses online for free.”

The DigiSkills program offers free online courses. Students can opt for two courses at most and between the two courses, the “freelance” course is compulsory and the other course can be chosen according to the student’s choice.

The duration of the program is 3 months each. The freelancing course is taught by the best independent translator on Guru, Hisham Sarwar. Hisham has fifteen years of experience working as an independent professional.

The course will offer lessons based on video and those who enroll will be evaluated through regular questionnaires.

The Government has partnered with the Virtual University for this challenge that will help the DigiSkills platform reach all corners of the country.

Although the start date of the courses has not yet been announced, interested persons can register.

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