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In today’s fast-paced world, we are all in something. With the increase in the growth of digital phones, you can do everything on your phone. From sending emails, taking photos and editing them instantly, a phone does it all. Significantly, people see themselves taking many pictures of themselves and the environment with their phone.

Such is the delirium of having high quality images, you can not simply upload photos randomly on social networks, since the fear of a violent reaction and becoming a meme is quite large. That’s why users prefer to edit their images before uploading them to their social media platforms. To make things easier, there are many photo editing programs that help you edit images instantly. The best among the many is Pixlr’s online photo editor.

About Pixlr Online Free Image Editor

The Pixlr software application is a family of native and web-based mobile image editing applications. The application is built with Flash and requires the plug-in to work on any device through the web browser. Although most devices have built-in add-ons, which makes it easy for users to take advantage of the functions and features of the application.

This application is an excellent option for photo editors who need mobility without giving up the use of good tools. While most editing applications do not provide the necessary tools, Pixlr pretty much has it all. In addition, Pixlr ensures users with privacy where the images are not disclosed or loaded anywhere, unless the user wishes.

Pixlr Overview

Free application: Pixlr photo editing application is free, with no hidden fees. It is a cost-effective solution for users who are self-employed and those who own small businesses.
Versatility: this application can be executed on any device. Its preferred browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and it runs on any operating system, which makes it possible to access them from familiar image editors.
Quick solution: Pixlr has a lot of tools to edit photos. There are also few complex tools, however, Pixlr has quick solutions for those options that are difficult or a bit complex to apply.
Lightweight: the Pixlr application needs a Flash plugin to run, and for Android and iOS mobile applications, the editor takes up some space. Therefore, it makes the editor a light option to store on one’s mobile device to work on images without any problem.

Characteristics of Pixlr

This photo editing application has tons of features that all users understand and use. One can do a lot with the application. Users who are already familiar with the Photoshop application, the Pixlr menu is quite similar to that with only understandable and easy-to-use tools. Which means that the application is easy to use, although it has many advanced tools. There are some basic editing features that one will have to know, which are “padding”, “blurring”, “trimming” and “blurring”.

The application has an express tool that allows a user to have a variety of changes with a single click, which makes it very easy to navigate through the editing process. In addition, Pixlr offers “Grabber for Firefox”, which is a free download that allows the user to right-click on any image on a web page and upload the image directly to the editor.

Summary of the characteristics:

There are many, the following list contains the options available for a user to make changes to their images.

  • Multiple effects
  • Image retouching
  • Magic wand option
  • Tie harvest
  • Draft
  • Brushes
  • Multiple texts and sources.
  • Adjustments, both basic and professional.
  • Object transforms
  • Digital inking
  • Choice of multiple photo collage
  • Custom photo collage option
  • Digital paint
  • The color replaces
  • Multiple filters
  • Multiple layers

These are the functions available in the editor that have basic and professional options. A user can select what they prefer and continue with the editing.

Benefits of using Pixlr

  • Simple: the user interface of the application is very simple and easy to understand for a user. One does not need professional knowledge to edit images in this application. That’s why it’s a good option to edit photos.
  • Mobile: The Pixlr application can be used on any device, so users who use their phones for the main job prefer the application when it comes to editing images. Therefore, whether you are at home or elsewhere, you can now edit your images from any possible place.
  • One-touch solution: the user experience that uses this application is always positive, since they do not have to do much or make additional efforts. If you know what to do and what effect to use, a single touch is enough to set the effect in motion.
  • Customization option: in Pixlr, a user can customize their settings and edit the images according to their desire. This customization setting for each effect makes it suitable for editing high definition images.
  • Free: well, yes, this photo editor is completely free and has no hidden charges. You can use the editor for photo editing without paying any additional cost.

Why should you use Pixlr?

The benefits themselves speak a lot about why one should use Pixlr to edit their photos. For, getting something for free is not very common. With Pixlr you can change an opaque appearance image to something more beautiful. A person is able to make changes such as covering imperfections, changing tones, adding a frame, adding an approach where necessary and many more. In short, if you do not have a professional digital SLR camera, a simple click on your phone can turn into something as good as a professional click with the help of this application. For, Pixlr helps you add that glamor quotient to your images without any professional help. Everything is possible by the option of a single click.
That’s all for the photo editor, Pixlr. Although there are many other options to choose from, with its advantages and disadvantages, Pixlr still wins by its versatility and its incredible professional tools, easy to use with a single touch. Pixlr has been rated as the best among the many applications by critics who classify applications because of their high quality features and functions.

Then, try Pixlr Online Photo Editor and I’m sure it will be carried out instantly as the best photo editing tools on your work list.

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