How to detect a fake Rolex watch

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Rolex watches are luxury items. Like gold pendants or silver bracelets, which are jewelry items, we obtain by paying a large amount of money. Rolex watches starts at a price of $ 3000 and goes to millions of dollars. The price is not only due to the reputation Rolex has won in the market, but also because each and every piece of Rolex watches is a masterpiece. Each watch is handmade, built by experts in an excellent way.

Rolex watches are so reliable and sturdy that if you are hiking to Everest or diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they work perfectly. These watches are passed down from generation to generation, but they continue to work for a long time than any other watches on the market. Due to all these features, as well as the special touch of luxury, everyone wants to own a Rolex watch.

However, if you want to buy Rolex watches, you should always buy them at a reputable store if you are buying Rolex watches online or offline because non-genuine sources tend to sell fake Rolex watches. They are only replicas of Rolex, which only appear same, but some of these people are much more experienced that make their Rolex replicas almost identical from the outside.

Obviously, neither do you want these fake Rolex watches, nor do these have the same characteristics as the original ones, but sometimes the seller, special offers, great deals on discounts and other things that could confuse you. And, for your own safety, when you are going to buy such expensive item, you should know how to detect a fake Rolex and how to check a Rolex watch for its authenticity.

So, here I am saying that the top 10 to let know know how to detect a fake Rolex.

Know the seller

The first and main task is to verify the source or confirm the identity of the seller to whom you are planning to buy Rolex watch. The best way to buy Rolex is from its official website, The website, although it does not stop buying Rolex watch online from the website, but you can tell Rolex retailers near the location from where you can go to buy any desired Rolex watch with full confidence.

However, if you are considering any other source that is not official then make sure it is reputable source and is a certified partner to sell Rolex watches. Avoid buying Rolex watches from eBay, Craigslist or from another website, where anonymous sellers are providing first or second-hand Rolex even if the offer is attractive.

Check the finish

Each and every Rolex watch is a masterpiece. Therefore, even very small details are perfect. If you have a Rolex watch in your hand, observe the finish. All the sources must be perfectly fine and regular, all the details, the marks, the designs must be perfect. If you notice uneven fonts, inconsistency, irregular spaces, misspellings, irregularity or even smaller imperfection in the design, then the Rolex watch you have in your hands is certainly a fake.

The clock movements

Rolex watches do not motivate. Unlike other wristwatches, where the second hand moves by dialing, the second part of Rolex watches does not tick but sweep. Ticking movement is a sign that the watch is battery powered, but in Rolex watches, the sweeping movement occurs as a result of the automatic / mechanical movement. The Rolex Oysterquartz is the only Rolex watch with the battery that has quartz movement but apart from this model, all quartz powered another battery (tick) Rolex watches are fake.

Marks and certifications

If you buy Rolex watch from a trusted source, you will be offered an appropriate certificate of ownership for the Rolex watch. If you have to identify just by looking at a Rolex to tell if it’s real or fake watch, you can use the marks. Real Rolex watches come with a number of brands – check out the markings on the dial and buckle, confirm that each world is written correctly, check the serial number inside the bracelet, the serial number on each end of the box. In modern Rolex watches, no serial number stamped on the bottom line as well.

Moreover, there is a micro-engraved glass at 6. Observe all these brands, observe the finish, make sure that is laser etched and * no * printed. False do not have all these brands in such perfection. Moreover, laser engraving is expensive so its very unlikely for fake Rolex watches have laser inscription unless the creator has expensive equipment.

Fake Rolex watches are Light

Real Rolex watches are made of high quality metals. Therefore, they are much heavier compared to the Rolex replicas sold in the markets. If you have the same Rolex watches, you can weigh them to know which is the real Rolex watch instantly as there will be a significant difference between your weights.

Rolex Winder Craftmanship

As I said before, every part of the Rolex watch is a work of art. Even the crown of the Rolex watch that is used to wind the minute hand has a very elegant design made by hand with the Rolex symbol. The Fake Rolex watches do not worry about these details and put a simple coil to these watches. If the Rolex watch you have has a simple crown, then it’s a fake Rolex watch.

Cyclops lens

Rolex introduced this new concept of Cyclops lens is a small piece of lenses available above date. This magnifies the date of 2.5 times to make it easier to read. Most fake Rolex watches do not have this lens Cyclops and even if some of these fakes tried to imitate the Cyclops lens will not be perfectly shaped, neither will provide any extension.

Background light box

Although there are many brands around the Rolex watch, the caseback is kept deliberately clear, even the Rolex symbol is there. Then, if the Rolex watch that has has many engraved designs or symbols, probably a fake Rolex watch. However, Rolex client can record a custom design or message on the back of the box by choice, but rarely is because it decreases the value of the clock.

Waterproof proof

Rolex watches are made to withstand the toughest conditions in nature. Then, they are waterproof. A severe waterproof test is performed for each Rolex watch to ensure they are 100% waterproof. You can try to check the water resistance of the Rolex watch you are holding to verify this quality, but this is not recommended because if it is a fake Rolex watch and water enters inside, then the seller will not accept the defective part.

Have it checked by experts

Finally, if you have doubts and there is no one to help, you can take your Rolex watch to an experienced watchmaker who can check the internal movement and the internal craftsmanship of your Rolex watch to know if it is real or false. There are also marks inside that will only be visible after removing the lid, so you can confirm it for you.

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