How to improve your SEO techniques 2018 and rank your website on Google

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SEO: search engine optimization is considered an important online marketing strategy, whether you want to blog, affiliate marketing or find ways to acquire more clients for your website, SEO has been recommended as one of the best methods for generate solid traffic. . We all know that this method has been working for years and has been endorsed by many professionals over the years.

Have you ever wondered what you should do to improve your blog or website in 2018? If you are from blogs and the Internet marketing space, you would definitely understand a bit of SEO, or you may have learned a lot in recent years. But if you have not managed to rank a dozen items on the first page of Google, then you may be looking for a perfect SEO recipe

Maybe, some of you are SEO experts in the audience, and you will agree that everyone around the blog space should pay attention to the SEO of the blog. One of the advantages of continuing to improve your SEO skills is that you keep up with the recent SEO updates and algorithms that keep changing. It is a field in constant change.

However, the question that arises is how one can improve the skills and knowledge of SEO. To answer that question, I thought about presenting a blog post that talks about improving your SEO techniques in detail.

These are the ways you can adopt to improve your SEO skills and knowledge:

1 Follow the best SEO blogs
2 Analyze SEO experts
3 Try an SEO software
4 Take an SEO course
5 to carry
6 Main factors of search engine ranking for SEO in 2018
I. Social Signals will still work
II. More video content:
III. Promote comments on your site
IV. Include a question in your article.
V. Interlinking of your publications:
VI. Friendly mobile website:
VII. educe the loading time:
VIII. Conclusion:

1. Follow the best SEO blogs

There are many SEO blogs that could teach you a lot about how to improve the SEO of your blog. The idea is not to do everything they say, or they are doing it. In fact, just try to do the things that you are doing repeatedly. For example, if you are using images, look at the images and try to see the details of how they are using the titles, description and alternative text of the images. Another example could be the internal link. See how they are doing all these things. Also, you would learn many more things if you keep following the best blogs like

2. Analyze SEO experts

If you are an apprentice, then the opportunities to learn things do not end. If you simply follow the SEO experts and influential people and observe the work they are doing and how they are doing it, you will learn many things that could help you improve your SEO. SEO experts like Matthew Woodward, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and more. You may be wondering what to analyze in the work of these SEO experts exactly. Well, in the content of your blog, you can see the titles of your blog posts, blog content, highlighted words, internal links, images in the blog post.

In addition, you can also monitor your tweets, Twitter hashtags, Facebook posts, Instagram images and other social media content posted there. Not only see what they are sharing, but also see what their strategy is, that is, they are only sharing their content or they are also sharing the content of others. This will help you.

If you want to be noticed, try to follow the comments strategy of my blog, not only will you notice it through it, but it will also bring some traffic to your website.

3. Try an SEO software

Improving your SEO skills will not be complete if you do not get your hands dirty with SEO stuff. It does not mean that you only have to practice SEO in your blog, but you should also try some SEO tools and softwares that experts recommend. I have tried SEMrush. You can see some of those tools to see how they work. In fact, you may discover the SEO status of the blog and it will help you improve on the way.

4. Take an SEO course

There is no doubt about taking an SEO course. One of the greatest benefits of living in today’s time is that we have unlimited access to education. Thanks to the Internet, now from photography to parenting, we can learn things from experts who have done things in the past. Not only did they do it, they also dominated crafts. You may have heard about Udemy, Coursera and other online course websites. Many people are busy taking courses from sites, experts and institutions. I also offer an SEO course that teaches SEO from the inside out. It is highly recommended for bloggers, Internet marketers and e-commerce business owners. You will learn the basics of SEO and how you can implement the main elements of SEO to improve the SEO of your blog or website.

5. To take away

If you are curious about SEO and want to see yourself in action in 2018, whether in blogs or SEO, my advice will surely help you grow in 2018. If you are a blogger, pay attention to the methods that I use. shared in this brief blog post about learning SEO. You may stumble upon an SEO article that changes the fate of your next blog, simply because you heard me say that you follow the best SEO blogs and influential people. In the end, if you are seriously looking at SEO and your blogging career, then I would recommend taking my SEO course.

6. Main factors of search engine ranking for SEO in 2018

I. Social Signals will still work

Believe it or not, social signals will be important to classify your site in the search engine in 2018. If you do not share your content on social networks, a part of losing social media traffic, you will also lose your SERP; s.



II. More video content:

The video content is governing slowly, I still believe that the written content and the video content have their own market, but what do you think about giving the user the two options? Can he read the content or see it? What about embedding videos in his article for those who want to see? Yes, this will help in 2018 to search engine rankings. If you are going to build your online presence, check out my complete guide on video marketing.

III. Encourage comments on your site

Search Engine I like to see the interaction of the website writer and the audience. Art is encouraging people to enjoy their article so much that they can not resist commenting on their thoughts or opinions.

IV. Include a question in your article.

This is somewhat similar to the previous one, but if it is true, you should include a question in your article so that people can get involved with you.

V. InterLinking of your Posts :

There are many benefits of interconnection, from organic classifications to visitors who remain in your site, I can not emphasize too much about the importance of this, but yes, our main objective should be that the user continues browsing on your site for a long time.

VI. Mobile Friendly Website :

It’s 2018 and do not tell me you’re not working for a mobile friendly version of your website. If you have not already done so, this is your last chance to compete with the online world, do it now.

VII. Reduce Loading Time of your website:

Time is money – it says everything. In my article SEO Best Practices for Beginners, I have emphasized a lot about the importance of loading time on your website. Simply, respect the time of your audience and value it, present them the best in the shortest loading time. Optimize the images, reduce coding, eliminate unused add-ons, optimize the cache and deliver the results at the fastest speed to win Google and visitors. You can use the pingdom tool to check the loading time of your website, in case you do not know how to do it.

VIII. Conclusion:

These were the techniques that I thought would work in 2018 when it came to SEO. What is your view on this? What do you think, what is missing here?

And last but not least, what are your plans regarding SEO in 2018?

Let’s discuss.

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