How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Website

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Alexa is one of the many ways to evaluate the traffic of any blog or website and mainly used by advertisers. But now there is a murmur among bloggers to compete with each other according to Alexa Rank. Surprisingly, some bloggers easily achieve a high rank of Alexa with little traffic and sometimes it seems that their rankings are not 100% authentic. Although their ratings are not directly propositional for your blog’s traffic, they can still give you an idea of how well your website is working.

How Alexa Rank works

Before moving on to the main secret points of how to increase the Alexa rank of your blog, it is important that we understand how Alexa Rank works. This is what they say.

Alexa Traffic Rank is calculated after collecting aggregate data from users of the Alexa toolbar during the three-month period. The metric combines the number of visits to the page and the user’s traffic. Visits to traffic and to the page are calculated per day, and then calculated from the average of these two numbers after time.

The best secrets to increase the Alexa ranking of your blog :

1. Install the Alexa toolbar on your computer
Go to the Alexa website now and install the toolbar without losing time. This is the easiest thing you can do to increase your rank. Also be sure to visit your own blog more frequently in a day through this toolbar.

2. Install the Alexa widget on your blog
Placing an Alexa widget on your blog also helps them track your blog’s traffic. It’s not hard to do, just visit their website, sign up for a free account and take your widget.

3. Claim your site in Alexa
It is better to claim your blog with keywords related to the niche of your blog. Claiming helps them to follow their blog better and therefore increases the rank of their site.

4. Bring traffic from Facebook and webmasters Forums
It’s a myth that if you get more Facebook traffic than your Alexa Rank will improve. Well, personally, I think it works and when my blog receives Facebook traffic, my range improves. Also try to be active in the webmaster forums since these forums are visited mainly by bloggers and often have the Alexa toolbar installed on their systems.

5. Update your blog on a daily basis at the same time
Try to update your blog every day and I know it is very difficult, but not so difficult if your blog is about technology or related news. Also publish your publications at the same time.

6. Ask your friends to review your blog in Alexa
In general, it is a good idea to ask your friends to leave a good review of your blog on Alexa.

7. Ask blog visitors to install the Alexa toolbar
It is very difficult to ask your visitors to do this, but if they can, it is a good boost for your rank.

8. Publish daily at 12 midnight
Believe it or not at 11:59 PM Mid Night helps you rank better. If you have not tried this yet, try it and see the spectacular result.

9. Send your posts to social networking sites
Some bloggers are very lazy when it comes to sending their posts to social networking websites. Try to send your posts to as many social networking sites as possible.

10. Attract more bloggers and webmasters to your blog
Why? because most bloggers have installed the Alexa toolbar on their system and when they visit your blog is another boost to their rankings.

11. Leave a comment on websites that have a higher rank in Alexa
Search blogs related to the niche of your blog and among all these websites look for blogs that already have a higher position in Alexa. Try visiting these blogs daily and leave a comment.

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