How to market the initial Coin Offring using development hacking strategies

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Most marketing specialists want to launch, expand and strengthen the position of their business in the market: they invest in promotion, distribution, awareness and information campaigns, among others. However, a growth hacker is a person who makes an extra effort, someone who strategically designs an efficient plan over time with only one goal in mind: to achieve growth. Hence the name.

Basically, when you are thinking about growth hacking tactics, you are building every strategy, tactic or action with that specific goal in mind. Everything you do should be geared to growing your business: marketers also care about this aspect, but certainly not to the same extent.

When it comes to ICO, growth is key for obvious reasons. Whether you have just launched an initial Coin Offer or plan to do it soon, no matter how good it is, if you do not present convincing and targeted messages, you will not get the attention or support of your most important audiences. .

If you want your project to earn all it deserves and raise the capital it needs, hacking strategies for growth are the way to go.

ICO Marketing: what should I know?

If you want your ICO to gain credibility and massive attention, it is not enough to shout from the rooftops. First, you want to establish yourself as a credible source, use public relations to your advantage and look for ways to develop yourself as trustworthy in the eyes of potential investors.

You can have the best white paper in the world and a good social media strategy, and even then it may not be enough. Your marketing strategy should be more complex and include aspects such as leadership and research. You must know who your potential buyers are; who would like to participate in the sale of their token, as well as the profile of their investors, what their expectations are and how their project can fulfill them.

Second, you must build a good website with quality content that explains the key components of your ICO. Remember, you can receive visitors who have never heard of you until then, so you want to pique their interest and keep it. You want a potential investor to choose your project from a dozen others, he wants you to visit his website and say “This is what I’ve been looking for”.

One way to help your cryptocurrency gain traction is through WordPress. The great advantage of this platform is that you can choose customized solutions for your specific business needs: simply choose a Bitcoin WordPress theme and set up your website. Communicate to stakeholders that you have something of value to offer: think of your website as your business calling card.

Growth hacking techniques to test

1. Create a positive perception

You want the desired audience to get a positive perception of your product. You want them to relate to you, to believe in your project and, by extension, in you and your team. First impressions are crucial when it comes to ICO, so you must channel all your marketing efforts to create and maintain that perception. That’s why you should have a well-documented ICO marketing strategy from the start.

2. Be transparent

It is not possible to establish trust if your project has an anonymous team if you consciously decide not to reveal your names. You may not think it’s important, but think this way: would you buy groceries from an anonymous producer? We believe that not because you do not know anything about the origin of the products or their business practices.

The same is the deal with ICOs. An anonymous team makes potential investors think that their project is a scam. Therefore, be transparent, make public your list of team members, associates, partners or even sponsors.

3. Build a community

You want as many people as possible to talk about your project, either in social networks or in the threads and forums of cryptocurrencies. Like an online store or a coffee shop, you want to achieve brand recognition; You want to be as active as possible by responding to interested buyers and keep in touch with potential investors.

4. Do not forget SEO

Whether you have chosen WordPress or a personalized website to start your business, it is important to improve your ranking in Google, Bing or other search engines. You want people to find you, so that you use specific keywords, improve the speed of your website and get quality content.

These are just some growth hacking strategies that you can try. Investigate, find all the information you can and propose actions that benefit your unique project.

You can receive adequate funds for your cryptocurrency, start up your ICO and attract the attention of the appropriate public if it is consistent with your strategy and goes to all the appropriate channels. Good luck!

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