Open Office: a Versatile and Free Alternative to the Ms Office

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Open Office is perhaps the only free alternative that can compete with Microsoft Office. It’s been almost 10 years that Open Office is giving a good competition to the well-known Microsoft Office. Open Office is like the mirror image of Microsoft Office. The only important difference is that Open Office is free software, while Microsoft Office is not. This is the main reason why many users have switched to using Open Office. After all, who does not like the free service when it’s really good?

Has your Microsoft Office reached its expiration date? The Microsoft Office product key does not work? Well, there’s nothing to worry about because you have Open Office. Not only is it a great alternative, but also as good as Microsoft Office. If it’s hard for you to believe it, you should try it once and you’ll know for yourself. If you are still not sure about Open Office, this review in Open Office can help you change your perception.

About Open Office

Open Office is a legitimate and free Microsoft Office container that includes word processing, presentations and spreadsheets along with database management programs. Apart from that, it also includes drawing and math applications.

It is known that Open Office works with almost all Microsoft formats that include XLS, PPT, DOCX, XML. The software is available for free and can be used on all major platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Mac. If you want to work only with the Microsoft Office format and ready to change Microsoft Office, Open Office is the ideal option for you . It has everything you need. It’s a pretty good feature you may be looking for.

It is true that Open Office is open source software, but it can provide excellent performance. The fact that it has the open source tag does not mean that it will start judging it without even using it once. With the help of Open Office, you can create impressive materials.

A general description of Open Office features

It is known that Open Office is full of features and all are useful. It has all the features you may need and, therefore, does not give you the opportunity to complain. With all its features, it matches Microsoft Office. These are the main features of Open Office that you should know:

  1. The suite is equipped with a modern word processor.
  2. It has a collection of several features that includes the following:
    • Wizards
    • Formatting and styles
    • Autocorrection dictionary
    • Autocomplete
    • Text frames and links
    • Table of contents and references
  3. Open Office supports all Microsoft formats, including HTML <PDF and MediaWiki formats.
  4. The spreadsheet application is easy to learn and is also intuitive.
  5. The suite comes packed with natural learning formulas, smart summing button, scenario manager and support for multiple users.
  6. You can also impress your audienth your presentations.
  7. It also has support for multiple monitors.
  8. The tools designed for drawing and diagramming are easy to use.
  9. It has slide shows, effects and
  10. You can also manipulate and organize objects.
  11. The suite also comes with the full-featured desktop database management system.
  12. You can also create and edit mathematical equations with the help of the suite.
  13. It also has a familiar user interface similar to Microsoft.
  14. In addition, it is very compatible with Microsoft Office.

The only two things that Open Office does not have are the availability of mobile applications and native cloud storage and email support. Apart from that, it has all the features you will find in Microsoft Office. Then you can spend any day from Microsoft Office to Open Office without problems. After all, you are guaranteed to get the same experience as Microsoft Office.

Benefits of using Open Office

Using Open Office also has its advantages and they are listed below:

  1. It’s free: one of the biggest and biggest advantages of using Open Office is that it’s available for free. Yes, you can use this amazing productivity suit completely free. All you have to do is download it and start your work. In addition, it promises to provide exactly the same features as Microsoft Office and also for free. Now, what can be better than this?
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Another great advantage of using Open Office is that it is compatible with all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and This means that no matter which platform you are using, you can still use Open Office without any problems. To put it in other words, everyone can enjoy the Open Office service.
  3. Easy-to-use interface: Open Office has a user interface similar to Microsoft Office. Therefore, it is fairly easy to use and you will not even face any problems while using it.
  4. File Compatibility: Open Office is known to support all types of file formats. From PDF to XML you can support everything. Therefore, there is no reason for you to worry. You can work with any format you want and Open Office can still support it.
  5. Open source: The fact that Open Office is an open source application, you are free to modify it as much as you want. However, the modification must be in accordance with the Open Office licenses.

Therefore, you can see the amount of benefits you can take advantage of using Open Office software.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Open Office is as good as Microsoft Office. The only difference between the two applications is that Open Office is free and Microsoft does not. If you are using Open Office, you can be sure of the fact that you will never miss Microsoft Office again or you will even be disappointed in any way.

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