Simpler ways to find the exact volume of Google Keyword Planner search

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Keyword research is the first step to prepare for your blog post. I’m sure most of you use Google Keyword Planner search help. But the problem is that the Google Keyword Planner has now stopped showing you the exact volume of keyword search. Instead, it only shows the monthly search volume range that is not the correct solution.

If you want to get the exact search volume of the keyword planner, continue reading.

In this article, I will show you how to find the monthly search volume of precise keywords.

Before immersing myself in it, I want to explain the essential keyword metrics that help you find the most profitable keywords for your business.

  • Keyword search volume: is the search volume of estimation of a particular keyword that people search on Google monthly. It tells you the maximum potential of a keyword that you are willing to rank in Google’s top positions.
  • CPC: Cost per click indicates how valuable your keyword is. If more advertisers bid on the keyword, it means that your keyword is more competitive and valuable.
  • Google AdWord competition: it tells you how popular your keyword is among advertisers.
  • Keyword difficulty: indicates how difficult it is to classify a keyword in the main positions of Google.

The Google Keyword Planner tool shows you the first three metrics. It does not tell you anything about the difficulty of the keyword. So be sure to check the difficulty using another keyword difficulty tool such as KWfinder or SEMrush.

Now let’s start …

1. When using the Google Keyword Planner tool itself

The first method to find the exact search volume of the keyword planner is by using GKP. It does not require effort and it only takes a few seconds to tell you the correct search volume of a keyword you want to work on.

Let me show you how you can use the keyword planner tool to find the estimated volume of keywords.

First, open your Google keyword planner account. Once you’re in, type the keyword in the search bar.

For example, if I search for ‘chocolate cake recipe’ and press the ‘start’ button, it will show you all related keyword ideas.

It’s still not a surprise, but as you add this keyword to your AdWords review plan, AdWords will begin to show you the default impression estimate and the clicks you’d get if your keyword is at the top of Google.

But there’s a problem. Google’s new keyword planner is not that perfect.

Do not worry, I have a solution.

Use the old keyword planner console instead of using the new one. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Open keyword planner above‘.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll see the previous version, which is much simpler than the new keyword planner.

When entering, you must click again on the ‘get ideas’ button. And then click on ‘add to plan’ which is shown in the last column.

When you click on this small arrow icon >>, it will show you the revision plan on the right side. It shows you the default revision data.

You can change the plan by clicking on the “check plan” button. Once you place the maximum bid in the “enter an offer” section, magic happens.

It will not show you the full potential of the keyword until you put the maximum bid. For that, you should continue suggesting an offer (like $ 1000), until you notify him that the value is too large.

Once you find the maximum valid offer and take out the cursor, it will begin to show you the full potential of your keyword with respect to impressions.

By default, it shows the daily forecasts. If you want monthly estimates, multiply the value of daily impressions by 30.

For the keyword “chocolate cake recipe”, the maximum average daily search volume is 423 to 517, which is more accurate than before. And the monthly keyword scheduler search volume is (423 * 30 = 12690) to (517 * 30 = 15510).

You obtained the monthly search volume of your keyword successfully using this method.

Let’s go to the second method.

2. Use of the ‘Keyword Anywhere’ chrome extension

One of the best tools I have found. The best part is that it’s free. Let’s see how to find the keyword planner search volume without wasting money.

This method is faster than the first method. Because in the first method, you must constantly verify each keyword, which makes the whole process quite slow. So, you better use this method to proceed in a faster way.

First, download the Chrome extension ‘keyword anywhere‘.

Now, continue and open your keyword planner tool.

Enter your keyword and press enter. In a second it will show you tons of keyword ideas. As you activate the ‘keyword anywhere’ tool, the magic begins.

Add three new columns in the keyword planner. The volume of search, competition and CPC. The volume column gives you the exact volume of search for corresponding keywords.

Conclusion: Find the exact volume of search using Google Keyword Planner

I hope this article will help you in your effort. However, there are tons of keyword search tools that can help you find the search volume of any keyword.

Google’s keyword planner is just one option for novice bloggers to conduct keyword research. So I think this could be a better way for those who do not want to spend money on keyword research.

I hope you like this article and have learned something new. Click Like, comment and share our articles if you really appreciate my work.

If you have any questions about this article, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments box below

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