Skills Of Essay Writing: Improvement Guide For University And College Students

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Upon entering a higher education establishment, he will deal with a variety of tasks and one of them is academic writing. At a glance, this is a simple task, but when it comes to action, college or university students are faced with a lot of bewilderment. In fact, they lack experience in this area and simply have no idea what advice to use to improve their trials.

However, you can easily master the academic writing style. Our site, in collaboration with, prepared several valuable tips that will allow schools to understand what mistakes they make and how to protect themselves from them. You will also learn the basic principles that will help you avoid difficulties with this task and create high quality documents, even when time is a problem for you.

1. You must know the language well enough to do this task

You use everyday language while talking to your friends, relatives or affiliates. You do not experience any difficulty with English. However, the academic writing style does not have the same rules as informal discourse. You can not write your essay using slang or jargon. You need to have a solid knowledge of the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. All sentences must be well formed according to the rules of grammar.

Nor should you forget the rules of pronouns, the use of the article and the punctuation. At first glance, these errors appear to be discrete, but they can influence your future rating. If an essay is full of grammatical, punctuation or lexical errors, you will not receive an A grade (even if the topic is covered).

You should also avoid the use of passive voice. If possible, you should try to paraphrase the sentences and use the active voice.

In the current times, there are many online tools that can analyze the text online. They do not show all the errors but they will help you to verify the frequency with which you use the passive voice, the number of adverbs that the text includes and the amount of long sentences that your great test has.

2. Always create a scheme

The creation of a basic scheme is the main formula for success. First, you will organize your thoughts and finalize a thesis statement. Secondly, it will be easier for you to group your thoughts and organize all the ideas. Sometimes, students have a variety of ideas they want to add in an essay, but they do not understand how to keep them in order. A scheme is a fair opportunity to do this!

How to do this? You should take a sheet of paper and write down what ideas can cover the chosen subject area. Any trial comprises the following elements:

  • An introductory part and a thesis statement
  • Paragraphs of the body
  • Final part

When creating a schema, you must decide which particular ideas you want to add to the paragraphs of the body. When you embark on writing, it will be easier to follow this plan.

3. Create an attractive introduction

When writing an essay, you should also keep in mind that your key objective is not just to cover the topic, but also to attract the audience. Otherwise, it should enter your ears, but how do you do this? There are several great techniques that will help you face this challenge:

  • Find an occurrence or anecdote related to your topic.
  • Use amazing facts.
  • Find the statistical data that will help surprise the audience.
  • Start with a provocative question or phrases

One of these techniques will help you attract attention to your essay. It was shown that most readers do not read more than several sentences. For that reason, their general priority is to have them read it to the end. A fascinating and interesting introduction is the main thing that can help you do this.

4. Never ignore the correction

Some students hate writing essays and prefer to send it almost immediately after they write it. However, they present an essay with many errors. In that sense, if you are a goal-oriented student, who really wants to improve writing skills, you should be more attentive. When you consider that your essay is ready, you should rest. After that, please read your essay two or three times. You will find a lot of errors. You will have the desire to paraphrase sentences so that they sound better.

If your main goal is to write a perfect essay, you should not neglect this stage. Sometimes, the universities read rehearsals again and again, but they can not notice some mistakes. If this situation is familiar to you, you can use the services of review companies.

5. Write a decent conclusion

In some cases, students overlook this aspect because they consider it less important. A final part has its own role: its key mission is to link your research and once again prove your thesis statement. Therefore, you should make it brief and concise. Just repeat once more the information you added in your introduction (but do not copy it)! Even if you forgot to mention some ideas, you should not add them to this part.

Using these simple techniques, you will not have difficulties with writing essays. At first glance, the academic writing style is difficult to understand, but that is not true! You just need to try to get information about this area and you will understand everything!

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