Monday , 20 August 2018
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The best tips for writing killer web content

If we think about it, websites are what landlines were more than a decade ago. They offered a means for a company to contact its customers and / or partners. And they provide credibility, in the process. This does not mean that the phones do not do that anymore, because they do it. But websites do it better. In other …

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How to use visuals in your content marketing strategy

We have all heard the statistics: the images are more memorable, more attractive and more persuasive than the text alone. So we add visual elements to our content marketing strategies. Simple enough, right? Not so fast. A 2018 survey of marketing and creative professionals conducted by Libris revealed that, although most of the time the visual elements improve the performance …

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5 things that B2B marketers should learn from B2C

It is not uncommon for B2B marketers to face the challenge of creating exciting marketing campaigns around technical solutions for companies. B2C vendors, on the other hand, have a field day that generates content that instantly connects with audiences. They use a variety of media such as images, audio, video, social networks, etc. That is why we often think that …

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