The 7 most effective ways to market your mobile app!

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As of 2018, there are almost 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store and more than 3 million apps in the App Store. These numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. So, if you are also going to launch an application and you think that users will magically migrate to your application, then you should think about it again. The competition is certainly fierce these days; is the reason why we strongly recommend that you have a strategy of acquiring the user of the application before launch.


You will need a website for your online presence for your application. Why? Because people believe that an application that has an online presence is the real business. In addition, users who want to know if they are really interested in it as a business can obtain it by visiting their web portal.

For large brands, it is necessary that your application has prominent features on your website. You should have a good presence everywhere you go where it makes sense. It should not be as a late occurrence or a minor logo of your application in the footer of the site. To develop applications, you can consult the development of San Antonio applications and get a quick boost as soon as possible.

Strong presence in social networks

Social media plays a vital role in getting people to know their product and begin to commit to the same thing; It is also a great platform to stay connected with your potential customers and turn them into sales.

There are two ways to market your application on the social networking website: one via organic and the second by paid ads.

Organic: the form of promotion comes with simple steps to have a presence on social networks, for example, you can create a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. After creating an account on social networking websites, you should regularly post something interesting and attractive related to your application. And then, gradually, you connect to a significant audience that helps you market your application.

Paid marketing: it is the second form of social media marketing. In this way, you will be asked to create meaningful, useful, unique and engaging ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For this, I would need to create a tempting title with an incredible creative image or video to share about your application along with a description and call to action (CTA) button. On the CTA button, you can ask your audience to “Install” the application or “Download” the application or visit their website to get more information about it. To this end, you must pay some money to the social sites where you want to publish your ads. In addition, spending a little money on the promotion of the application will increase your visibility and attract you to the immense number of people who come to your application. Facebook and Instagram are cataloged as the best social media for effective advertising platforms for mobile applications.

Effective public relations

Mentions of the media and influencers are a long way to go to create rumors about their application and also create credibility for it. However, there are several ways to do it taking into account the points mentioned below:

Press release.

Invite local media and the technology industry at your presentation party.
Post interviews with some local and technology newspapers.
Guest blogging

App Store Optimization (ASO)

It is the SEO (search engine optimization) of the world of mobile applications. How to achieve a strong ASO? Follow the next steps for the same.

  • Write a unique application name.
  • Include relevant keywords related to your application, but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • The clearly articulated description increases the value of your application in the market and also makes frequent updates in it.
  • Try having 2-3 screenshots of features or a video tutorial about your application.
  • Be sure to receive positive grades.

Launch search ads

Apple recently introduced ‘Search ads’ for mobile applications. Payment for the search ad is made within the app store. It allows you to bid for a relevant keyword so your target audience can reach it quickly.

The support of celebrities

A Bollywood star SRK was seen promoting a mobile application called Byjus so he can understand how celebrity endorsement markets his application to the world. You can also approach celebrities for the same.


Since the competition is very high in the market, it is the need of the time in which it invests to win application users. And for that, you must take advantage of a mobile marketing platform that allows you to have essential knowledge to occupy and retain your users.


This world has many ways to promote your application. So do not hesitate to try the aforementioned tips. Before marketing your application, make sure you know the target audience and only then make your ads.

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