The best tips for writing killer web content

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If we think about it, websites are what landlines were more than a decade ago. They offered a means for a company to contact its customers and / or partners. And they provide credibility, in the process. This does not mean that the phones do not do that anymore, because they do it. But websites do it better. In other words, a website is a must for almost any company.

The statistics show that a typical B2B customer is 57% in the path of his buyer even before he comes into direct contact with the supplier. This means that once a potential client or partner contacts you, it is likely that you have already consulted your website to know your business, how you are involved in your work, how is the culture of your company, etc. The quality of its content will be, therefore, a decisive factor between that customer who actually contacts or not.

Here are nine tips on how to write the contents of the killer website and encourage future customers to do business with you.

1. The rule of the heading 80/20

80% of your audience will read only the title, while only 20% will continue reading the article. While there is no conclusive evidence to prove these exact numbers, the rule, in itself, should not be discounted. We have all been there, moving through the wall of our social networks and only reading the headlines and subtitles.

2. Do not be cliché

Trend topics will seem a smooth ride, but they are not. If an article is biased, it means that the story has been told, repeated, written and rewritten in almost every conceivable way. Unless you have a unique perspective, it is probably best to focus your attention elsewhere.

3. Be concise

Less is more.

4. Provide value

Each article you write must provide your audience with enough value to be shareable. In other words, your readers should feel that your time reading your article was a time well spent. Add practical tips and tricks when appropriate, or give a different perspective on things.

5. Evoke an emotional response

Nothing escapes from someone’s mind faster than something that does not arouse any feeling. It is well known that memory is strongly linked to emotion and if your story does not catch people in any way, you will quickly forget to read.

6. Make it Evergreen

While some current events are so important that they can not be ignored, do everything possible to make them as timely as possible, so that they are not immediately dated. The idea is to write attractive stories that search engines easily find without needing to update them.

7. Recycle

You do not have to reinvent the wheel each time you write a story. With some tweaks here and there, as well as new information (if applicable), some of your oldest publications may reappear in the center of attention.

8. Personalize

Okay, you already know your audience and what it is about. You must adapt your content to meet your wants and needs; likes and dislikes. Then, the next time you write a content, do so with your audience in mind. Write it down as if you were preparing something for your best client. To get a better idea about your audience, use the analysis software and be attentive to the comments sections.

9. Use the input of your readers

Consider creating a kind of digital place where you can host your audience in an open discussion. This place does not need to be too out of the ordinary. It could be as simple as a Facebook group where your readers or clients can share ideas, open new topics and discuss various topics among them. Use it to get a better idea of ​​what interests you and write your content based on that.


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