The Facebook dating application is almost here and this is what you can expect

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In May, Facebook revealed its plans to launch a dating application at its F8 developer conference and hoped to connect people to intimate and romantic long-term relationships rather than connections.

Although it is not yet confirmed when the social networking giant will launch the application, an applications researcher, Jane Manchun, discovered the features of the Facebook dating application of the Facebook application code and published the screenshots in her account. Twitter She states that this is an internal test of Facebook Dating.
According to Wong’s photos, your Facebook contacts will not find your dating profile and will not be shared with your news feed, which would have caused much embarrassment. The profile will only be visible to those who have chosen to activate Facebook appointments.

The dating application will also offer five gender options, which include trans man, transsexual and non-binary.


Although the social networking giant has not said anything about whether these photos are real or not, the company has confirmed that it is internally testing Facebook’s dating application with its employees.

Facebook revealed some details of the dating app after the F8 conference and said that people will have the option of creating a separate dating profile of their Facebook profiles. Possible matches will be recommended based on your dating preferences. They can discover profiles with similar interests by checking their groups and events that they attend.
This means that Facebook has no plans to launch an independent dating application. The function will be available within the main Facebook application. There is no information on when the application will be launched, but taking into account the previous versions, it would be available to a certain group of people and certain countries before arriving in Pakistan.
On the other hand, Facebook has just announced a feature to let people know how much time they spend on the application. The goal is to help people spend less time on social networks, especially Facebook. Interestingly, this upcoming dating application seems to increase the time people spend on Facebook. So, do you really think that Facebook wants you to spend less time on your application?

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