The history of the Internet: a journey of 50 years [Infographic]

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The Internet has turned the world into a hyperconnected global village. A century ago, connecting with someone from the other side of the world in real time would have been mocked as an impossible idea. In fact, radio has just become a conventional technology. The telephone was a luxury that was restricted to very few users. Instant connectivity was hard to come by. Analog cables made connectivity difficult, and the quality was nothing like the current broadband quality.

With ARPANET, Internet technology went from being a novel idea to a strong technology that could be scaled and made accessible to millions of users around the world. The interesting thing about the Internet is that it does not have a single inventor. It was a collective project for the whole world that technology enthusiasts were very interested and contributed with a feverish passion.

Over time, the Internet became a force of its own. The first domain was registered in 1985. Five years later, the Internet gave us the first search engine. It looked nothing like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines we have today. However, for a website that had very few records, Archie was a breakthrough that increased the Internet user base.

In 1994, Yahoo! Born. It was a historic event in the history of the Internet. Yahoo! Put the Internet within the reach of ordinary users. In fact, it even triggered the gold rush of chat rooms, emails and communities.

4 years later, the greatest milestone in the history of the Internet occurred. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, laying the foundations for how the Internet would become today.

But, in 2000, some difficult moments awaited him. The collapse of the dotcoms caused thousands of websites and the companies that depended on them to fall down the drain. However, those difficult times did not last long. In fact, in 2003, WordPress was launched. It helped to turn blogs into an amateur hobby. It was the first form of content marketing in the digital age.

The next big change was the advent of Twitter, Facebook and the whole world of social networks. Nowadays, we can not think about the Internet without social networks. In fact, it has become synonymous with the Internet. The next big jump on the Internet would come in the form of chatbots.

In fact, mobile applications and websites have already integrated chatbots into their fold. Chatbots is a smart software that can understand and respond to customer inquiries in real time. They are infused with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, turning them into a powerful force that will sculpt the future of the Internet.

Do you want to know the whole history of the Internet and where are you headed now? This SSL2BUY infographic has registered the main events in chronological order.

The history of the Internet: infographics

Infographic courtesy of SSL2BUY


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