Top Ping Submission Websites List 2018

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If you want to get a higher position in the search engine like Google than in the right place. With the help of free website delivery to 1000 search engines, you can increase the indexing of your blog in no time. Many people complain that their link building campaign does not work or gives very minimal results and that is because they do not send url to the Google search engine. Creating links for any site is as important as letting search engines know that our website is updated. Not only your site, but also your indexed links are very important. Many SEO companies use premium ping services such as OneHourIndexing and earn money.

What are the Ping sites really?

Ping Site is a web-based service that will send your website to various search engines, online directories, social communities and content aggregators, etc. Actually, no one will visit the search engine and tell you to send this site, etc. All this done through the ping service and you can say that a robot will do the work for you.

How to use the Ping tools

Actually, it is very easy to use ping tools and send your website. Simply visit any of the sites mentioned below and enter the URL of your blog. Also complete the title and in some cases you should also give your working email address. After checking your email, they will ping according to your preferences.

Why someone uses Ping Services

First, the ping services are completely free, so it does not make sense that you do not use them. In addition, your high-wage CPA network competitors are using this service, why not you? In some cases, you can index and classify your URL in just one minute, which is very necessary in the case of viral blogs. One thing to mention here is that over 75% of the links are not indexed in the search engines due to the fact that they are hidden for them. So, why waste our energy and effort when we have the opportunity to use it?

Pinging is too bad?

What will happen if you knock on the door of your friend or a stranger again and again? Some will shout at you and others will attack you. The same is the case with Pin services, if you use too many search engines you can ban your site. It is better to use two or three services at a time with a little delay. WordPress gives you the ability to use Ping Tools efficiently by decreasing the amount of ping per hour.

3o Free Ping Submission Sites List 2018

Ping Sites Domain Authority Page Rank Alexa Rank
1 Ping-O-matic 70 6 5,726
2 Twingly 68 6 31,696
3 Googleping 54 3 9,004
4 Pingler 53 4 14,901
5 Pingdom 87 6 2,369
6 Pingmyurl 52 4 13,612
7 Feedshark 58 5 40,113
8 Pingmylink 32 3 36,789
9 34 4 39,132
10 Blogbuzzer 35 2 106,282
11 Bulkping 37 2 45,306
12 Pingfarm 35 3 18,184
13 Icerocket 70 5 29,896
14 Pingoat 30 3 43,598
15 Pingsitemap 33 2 39,764
16 Mypagerank 71 5 27,789
17 Pingbomb 23 2 45,771
18 Backlinkping 25 2 103,651
19 Totalping 55 4 15,385
20 Smallseotools 57 4 1,974
21 Use Me 22 2 264,99
22 Site24x7 57 3 14,944
23 Kuleping 23 2 1,102
24 Freelinksubmitter 22 0 284,20
25 Pingthatblog 23 2 384,94
26 Indexkings 31 2 23,181
27 Masspinger 30 2 42,704
28 Domain Pinger 25 1 64,153
29 Backlink Ping 25 1 73,162
30 Ping Sitemap 25 1 82,839

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