USSD and SMS useful codes for all Mobile Networks in Pakistan

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USSD and SMS useful codes for all Mobile Networks in Pakistan

These are the most used USSD codes for your daily use. Check your remaining balance, your Internet data and much more through these useful codes.

Mobile phone users are increasing in Pakistan, as there are more 3G / 4G users than broadband users in the country.

Most people use a prepaid package for their respective mobile networks, since it is more convenient and cheaper than postpaid options.

If you have seen some ads, you may have seen people like Telenor, Zong, Jazz and others talk about certain prepaid packages and offers that can be activated by dialing a certain code.

These codes are known as unstructured supplementary service data codes or USSD.

In addition to activating a package, these codes can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as checking your mobile balance, the number of minutes / SMS you have and other things.

We show you all the ways you can use the USSD codes with your phone.

Balance Check

  • Telenor: *444#
  • Jazz: *111#
  • Warid: *100#
  • Ufone: *124#
  • Zong: *222#

Minutes Check

  • Telenor: *222#
  • Jazz: *110#
  • Warid: *200#
  • Ufone: *707#
  • Zong: Send P to 102

SMS Check

  • Telenor: *111#
  • Jazz: *101*2#
  • Warid: *200#
  • Ufone: *336*2*4
  • Zong: *102*3#

Advance Balance

  • Telenor: *0#
  • Jazz: *112#
  • Warid: Send Ab to 7676
  • Ufone: *456#
  • Zong: Send a blank message to 911

SIM Lagao Offer

  • Telenor: *2222#
  • Jazz: *551#
  • Warid: Send Y to 3733
  • Ufone: Send SIM to 5000

Free Facebook Offer

  • Telenor: *5*325#
  • Jazz: *114*5#
  • Warid: Send Fw to 7777
  • Ufone: *3434#
  • Zong: *6464*4#

To Check Internet Data

  • Telenor: *999#
  • Jazz: *114*1*2#
  • Warid: *200*4#
  • Ufone: *706#
  • Zong: *102#

To Check SIM Number

  • Telenor: Send A to 7421
  • Jazz: *99#
  • Warid: Send myno to 6060
  • Ufone: *780*3#
  • Zong: *8#

Telenor Useful Cods


Service Shortcode Number
Balance Inquiry *444#
SMS Balance Inquiry *111#
Internet Data Inquiry *999#
Minutes Balance Inquiry *222#
Check Package Plan PP 345
Migration from Telenor talkshawk to Djuice migrate 345


Service Number
djuice Download Offer *345*907#
3G Daily Plus Bundle *345*132#
Talkshawk 2G Daily Bundle *345*932#
All in One Offer *2*20#
3G Connect Daily *345*4000#


Service Number
3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer *030#
Daily 3 Ka Scene Offer *345*031#


Service Number
Hourly Dailymotion Bundle *345*138#
Social Pack *5*325#


Service Number
SMS Bundle 30 *345*761*
SMS Bundle 60 *345*762*
SMS Bundle 400 *345*764#
Internet 100 *345*481*
Internet 200 *345*482*
Internet 350 *345*483*

Ufone Useful Cods :


Service Shortcode Number
Bill Inquiry *129#


Service Number
Daily Light Bucket *804#
Daily Heavy Bucket *8042#
Special Daily Bucket *810#
Mega Internet Bucket *5501#
3-day Bucket *3350#
Weekly Light Bucket *7811#
Weekly Heavy Bucket *7815#
Monthly 1GB Bucket *7807#
Monthly 3GB Bucket *803#
Monthly 10GB Bucket *5100#


Service Shortcode Number
Daily Package SUB 605
Fortnightly Package SUB 603
Unlimited Package SUB 607
Yearly SMS Package SUB 601
Uth SMS FnF Package SUB 604
Uth Daily SMS Package SUB 612
Weekly SMS Bucket SUB 608
Daily On-net SMS Package SUB 611
Night Package SUB 609
45 Day SMS Bucket SUB 614


Service Number
Social Daily Bucket *4242#
Social Monthly Bucket *5858#


Service Shortcode Number
Ufone Talkville SUB 2500
Unlimited PTCL Bucket SUB 7500
Freedom Bucket 400 SUB 4500
Freedom Bucket 1000 SUB 6500
Monthly SMS Package SUB 610

Warid Useful Cods :


Service Shortcode Number
Billing Information – Postpaid B 321
Help Help 321
Balance Check – Prepaid *100#
Tariff Confirmation Tariff 321
GPRS Activation GPRS 7070
Missed Call Alerts Activation MCA On 129
International Roaming SMS Activation IRSMSON 129


Service Shortcode Number
Daily Bundles – 2 MB, 15 MB, Unlimited 2 MB, 15 MB or UL 7777
Weekly Bundles WM 7777
Monthly Bundles – 10 MB, 100 MB, 500 MB, 2 GB 10 MB, 100 MB, 500 MB or 2GB 7777
Unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp FW 7777


Service Shortcode Number
Daily SMS Bundle DS 3333
Weekly SMS Bundle WS 3333


Service Shortcode Number
Free For 3 ADD  0321XXXXXXX 2129
Free Double Bundle Offer double 4000
48 Paisa IDD Offer ON 4343
Zoom Limited ZOOMLA 4000
Zoom Unlimited ZOOMULA 4000

Jazz / Mobilink  Useful Cods :


Service Number
Check Balance *111#


Service Number
Daily Bundle 2 *114*1#
3-Day Bundle *114*8#
Weekly Bundle *114*7#
Mini Bundle 3 *114*3#
Late Night Offer 2 *114*2#
Daily Social Bundle *114*5#
3-Day Social Bundle *114*17#
One Day Bundle *114*13#
Nimbuzz Bundle *114*12#
Monthly Bundle *114*30#
Super Monthly Bundle 2 *114*33#
3-Month Bundle *114*19#


Service Number
SMS Plus *106*1#
Daily Bundle *101*1*01#
Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle *334#
Weekly Bundle *101*1*07#
Monthly Bundle *101*1*02#

Zong Useful Cods :


Service Shortcode Number
Data Usage Check *102#
Balance Check *222#
Help Help 310
Inquiry Service Free 102


Service Shortcode Number
777 Offer sub777 6464
Lahore Data Offer lhr 6464
Good Night Offer gno 6464
3 Days Free Trial dbfree 6464
All-in-One Internet Bundles *6464#


Service Shortcode Number
Social Pack social 6464
Facebook Daily Bundle fb daily 6464
Whatsapp Daily Bundle wp daily 6464
Twitter Daily Bundle tw daily 6464
Classified Pack CFD 6464


Service Number
Hello Package *2200#, and reply with 1
Hello 7-day Package *2200#, and reply with 3
Weekly SMS package SUB to 700, and reply with 2
15-day SMS package SUB to 700, and reply with 3
Zong Unlimited SMS offer SUB to 701

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