What is Digital Marketing 4.0 ?

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Marketing 4.0 is a marketing strategy based on the research of Professor Phillip Kotler. According to the marketing principles 4.0 of Caffeinated and Kotler, effective marketing requires more than the online commitment between sellers and buyers. Offline commitment also has a role to play.

Digital relationships as part of economic growth are only part of the model that makes digital marketing effective. The other part is composed of traditional marketing

While the evolution of the brand is experienced with the advance of technology, the authenticity of these brands plays more than ever.

Kotler’s approach can be further expanded into four main points:

The connection is key

This works on the fact that it is important to establish connection and participation before customers access the market. This is possible thanks to the availability of multichannel marketing platforms, such as Content Marketing and Email, Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing.

These platforms require the use of meaningful content to maintain connections.

As people connect more, it becomes easier to build relationships, disperse information and capture their attention. At this juncture, attracting your interest in your product becomes more problem-free.

Embrace 5A’s

Marketing strategies come and go. They promise to work, or at least they do until they are replaced by new ones. From 4P’s and AIDA, we now have Kotler’s strategy, the 5A’s, that work in line with current online technology. Does the 5A model ignore the others?

Definitely not. In fact, it recognizes other paths that customers can choose to use to buy products. These can be traditional, digital or a mixture of both.

The 5A simply means:

  • Ask
  • Advise
  • Evaluate
  • Help
  • Organize

The strategy requires that you investigate and investigate according to the customers’ comments, offering possible solutions, helping and selling your products.

Keep up with the user experience

Taking a great interest in the experience of your clients gives you information about what will work in your favor. Listening to them and answering their questions is a great help.

Apart from what you are already offering; Ask, follow up and investigate what else they need and the problems they may encounter.

Armed with this, devise methods of approach that work better to reach them and help them solve problems.

The 5A strategy works with the ability to gather conclusive data about your clients and decipher them to make conclusive decisions about how to keep them as clients.

Use of multichannel marketing platforms

In which of these channels are your customers likely to encounter your offer? Think of websites, emails, AdWords, LinkedIn, etc. They are the most suitable places to position your products thanks to the advance in technology.

The variety of these platforms means that customers are more likely to trip over your offer. However, these platforms are different and it must also be the content designed for each one.

One question that must be asked is: what attracts them to a particular platform? What do people want to see or enjoy? Once you understand these things, it will be easier to adapt your content based on what appeals to you.

In addition, you can involve your users in ways that suit your unique needs and in accordance with the particular platform’s mode of operation. In this way, you can reach the target audience with the right offer and using the correct channel.

User participation marketing

This involves interaction with potential, active and old clients. It also includes possible intermediaries and people who are simply interested in what you are doing.

The ways in which you can involve them include constant communication, the use of relevant content, the offer of after-sales services, and providing clients with a platform to narrate their experiences and give their comments.

You can borrow some ideas from traditional marketing. Allow people to interact with your brand in ‘stalls and shopping centers’ and community rates, among other places.

You can also embrace some tried and trusted methods like

  • Flyers printing
  • Use of promotional materials such as caps, pens, T-shirts and umbrellas
  • Offering coupons
  • Collaborating with non-competitive exhibitors in your area

The idea is to increase the visibility of your brand and involve even people who are not your target customers. Word of mouth or interaction with other people, non-targets can still refer potential prospects.

While providing information is important, you should not be too tense about it. Offer some inspiration and nonchalance that allows your client to interact freely with you.

Commitment also means keeping the conversation going. This means that it is available to detect and address problems related to the brand or service before they become viral, especially with such a connected customer base.

In today’s market, customers interact with each other. Creating an environment that encourages these interactions to encourage the promotion of your brand would be a great step to achieve marketing objectives. It also gives you the opportunity to get great ideas and ideas about what you can do better.

Having these people on board and maintaining a social relationship with them can be great publicity for your business.

In conclusion

Marketing 4.0 is a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies that aim to embrace the best of both worlds. It seeks to make use of the connections both online and offline in marketing, while emphasizing the fact that digital marketing can not completely replace traditional marketing.


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