What is Reseller Hosting?

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As the name implies, reselling means selling again, that is, selling a service or a product to the end user or the public, and making sure you get a good profit as an authorized distributor.

Speaking of the success of a website, the type of web hosting used for the website can act as a large part of it. The right hosting package allows you to maximize the resources available to help you effectively promote the website on the Internet. Hosting resellers has become an effective way to earn money as the demand for web hosting companies is increasing.

Most large companies are those that register with hosting providers and then lease services to smaller scale companies. Those who have become involved in the resale business have discovered that it is an effective way to make money through the Internet and, subsequently, over time, more and more people are interested in learning about resellers’ web hosting and how it works.


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There are two ways to get a profit: either through the discount, the reseller’s offers or in the commission that the reseller obtains by selling an account. Another way is to refer potential users to hosting companies. You can earn a small commission from the company, if the user registers, which would be repeated until the user stops using the services.

We have seen many hosting companies outsource their services to resellers. In this way, companies can easily market their services without suffering the cost of sales and marketing.

What can you resell?

There are a number of services to sell, and as a reseller, you have the power to decide what to sell. Services such as dedicated hosting or shared web hosting or even merchant accounts, shop windows, etc. They are the options that you can sell.
How would you provide hosting services, other services related to hosting, such as domain names, add-ons, etc. They can be useful for customers.
You always have the option to sell value-added services later in time if you have problems at the beginning.

Procedures guide (for resellers)

Market research: the first thing to do is to have a good knowledge of the market in today’s date. Find out about websites, web hosting and try to understand its different aspects.

Previous knowledge: Do a study about existing web host providers. Research the type of offers they are offering and the type of packages they are offering along with the costs and features. Make comparisons of those hosting providers and determine the best ones. Use all this knowledge to formulate and design the packages you will offer for resale.

Marketing and sales: once you have planned your business and are about to start, you must emphasize factors such as marketing and promotion to make your business a success. The same has to be done with reseller hosting services. Once you have planned the services you will offer your prospective clients, design an effective marketing strategy that motivates customers to make use of their services. The marketing strategy you adopt should make you stand out from the crowd of other resellers and should help you have a competitive advantage over them. Factors such as quality of service (QoS), performance and customer service play an important role in the success of a company and these should focus on them.

Demand: find what the customers need, what they demand and make efforts to meet those demands for their services.

Important aspects: customers look for certain factors before choosing the right web hosting provider for your website. Factors such as bandwidth, disk space, etc. They are two of the main ones that people or companies consider to find an adequate provider. To achieve satisfied customers and maintain good and healthy relationships with their customers, you must provide the best services at the lowest possible price. If your plan gives your customers an impressive bandwidth and a good amount of disk space, this will allow your customers to keep their sites running at all times with the minimum possible delays and problems. This will also help you attract new customers to opt for your web hosting plan.

Investment required

There are many factors that determine the cost of becoming a reseller and also the equipment and labor needed to be successful.

If you plan to set up your company through the Internet, all you need is a PC with functioning Internet services. If you are new to this concept of resale, it is recommended that you start small. As with time, you will continue to acquire knowledge about the field; You can expand and start to obtain multiple clients.

In case you have a good knowledge of the resale business and have enough money, you can go as far as you want to invest.

Pros and cons

The biggest advantage of reseller hosting is the profit. On the other hand, looking at it from the user’s perspective, the price of retail accommodation is relatively low, perhaps a few dollars a month.

But the problem resellers face is that, unlike web hosting companies, resellers can not provide their customers with reliable technical support. It is possible that beginners do not find hosting resellers as a portable option, as they would lack technical knowledge, therefore, if they ever encounter problems, they would need reliable technical support from the established web hosting firms. Hosting resellers for end users is only good if the user is an experienced webmaster.

In addition, sometimes the difference in rates between the reseller and the usual web hosting is not very noticeable. We will explain the pros and cons in detail in a separate article.


The cost of a startup in Reseller hosting is limited and low, which makes it a relatively low risk investment and, therefore, a great option for entrepreneurs who plan to start their own hosting business. Someone who can help entrepreneurs establish a stable web hosting business with a world-class infrastructure is ResellerClub. They are one of the most trusted and reputable brands in the web hosting space, which offers Reseller Programs for various hosting solutions. We hope you are now well informed about Reseller hosting and how you can benefit from it. Unlock the power of Reseller hosting with ResellerClub and witness the growth of your web hosting business.

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