What is SEO and why is it Important ?

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Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is not just a small task as it seems. SEO is quite important, but if you take it seriously, you can understand it.

Friends, if you have a service website, an informative blog or any other type of website, then you should know SEO. Because without SEO you can not even classify a publication.

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization is an optimization of your blog post, website pages in the search engine.

Whenever you publish excellent content written on your blog according to the criteria of the search engine or search engines, there is a great possibility to classify that posts.

You can also publish a blog post without doing SEO, but in this case there is less chance of positioning yourself in the search engine.

Friends, SEO is not just an easy task as I said before. You can not get better results if you do not follow the search engine criteria.

On the other hand, you can get better search engine results without doing SEO, but in this case you must pay some money to Google Adwords or related companies.

But in this way it is not a permanent form. Yes, you can get organic traffic in this way, but this is limited.

Friends, Search Engine Optimization is of two types.

  1. On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.

On-Page SEP – On the Search Engine Optimization page it is an optimization that you can immediately improve with yourself.

Later in this publication, I will tell you some important criteria that you must follow to get better results in the search engine.

Off-Page SEO – Off page SEO refers to the techniques that can also be used to improve the position of the fragment enriched in the results of the search engine.

Search engine optimization off the page is not just about links.

WHY SEO Important ?

Search engine optimization is important because this optimization helps you rank your web pages, blog posts in the search engine.

There are so many criteria that you must follow to get amazing results from the search engine. I will tell you about some important criteria later.

How does your blog post appear in the search engine? How does your rich fragment look?

Friends, does the reputation of your blog come from the age of your domain name, where does your website reside, what kind of content do you share on your website, and more.

Some important criteria to complete in-page SEO.

What are the important criteria that On Page SEO should follow?

If you are doing On Page SEO for your blog post, then you should have to follow these-

# 1. Keyword: The first thing you should do is look for keywords. The search for keywords is very important because without a keyword you can not classify a single publication.

Every time you write an article on your blog, you should find some keywords.

There are two types of keywords.

  1. Short tail keyword.
  2. Long Tail Keywords.
    Now the question is, which keyword is good?

Friends, both keywords are good keywords. Short tail and also the long tail.

The short-tail keyword is those keywords that are one or two words. And the keyword long tail are those that are more than two words.

To be honest, the long tail keywords are the best because in the long tail keyword there is a short tail keyword in it.

Now, what kind of keyword should you use in your blog post.

This question varies according to the rank of your website. If your website is so old and well sorted, then you can use the short tail keyword, or you should use the long tail keyword.

# 2. SEO Title – SEO title is the title of your blog post. When setting up the SEO title, the same appears in the results of the search engine.

The main keyword must have in the title of SEO.

The SEO title is very important because before establishing the SEO title you must find incredible keywords that are good for the rank of your website.

If your website is too old and you can easily get organic traffic, this is not so important for you. You can classify your publication with almost any keyword.

But if you’re a newbie blogger, then you have to find some amazing keywords to be ranked in the search engine.

# 3. Permalink – Permalink is the link address of your blog post. Here is also the keyword you must have in the permanent link.

If you want a better search engine to optimize your blog post, you must add the keyword in the SEO title and also in the permanent links.

# 4. Meta description – Meta description is the brief detail of your blog post that is displayed in the search results.

The meta description must have at least 120 characters. If your meta description does not have at least 120 characters, then it can not be known as search engine friendly.

Therefore, try to write an attractive description for each publication so you can get better organic results.

# 5. Images – Friends, the images are one of the most important parts of any article. Because the images attract visitors more than the content. The content is written simply with black, but an image can say everything without a single word.

This totally depends on your creativity, how can you edit an image according to your current article?

This is also an important part of search engine optimization. For a better optimization, you must use at least one image in each publication of your blog.

An image has the ability to say everything without using a single word. If you have the ability to edit an impressive image, then you can easily understand everything without reading the entire article.

And this is the reason why each children’s book contains more images than content. Images are the best way to teach and understand the whole chapter.

# 6. Length of content: how long should your content be?

Friends, to be honest, the contents do not matter much. This is completely dependent on the subject of your article.

Here, the main criterion you must follow is to write meaningful content with complete information. It means that if your article is complete in less than 300 words or 200 words it met this criterion.

But, on the other hand, it is also true that, as the article is extensive, the article has a better performance in the search results.

Does not matter how long or short the article? The issue is that is the article full of information or not?

# 7. Keyword density: the keyword must have at least 1% in the article.

It means that if your article contains thousands of words, the keyword must appear in the article at least 10 times.

After meeting this criterion, keyword density is known as good.

Where should the keyword be in an article?

  • In the first paragraph.
  • In the header and subtitles.
  • Center of the article. Y
  • In the last paragraph.

# 8. Inbound and outbound links: at least one inbound and one outbound link should be in the article. This is also a symbol of good search engine optimization.

Incoming links: the incoming links are the links of your website. In other words, those links about which you wrote before in your previous blog post. Previous posts or links on the page are called inbound links.

Outbound links: outbound links are links from other websites. It means links from another website.

The links are of two types.

  1. Follow the links or the Dofollow links.
  2. Links of Nofollow.

Some important criteria to completely fill Off-page SEO.

There are many ways to fill this criterion, but this is your choice, in what way you would choose. Paid or free.

Search Engine OptimizationHere, if you ask me which path to choose, I recommend that you choose the free form.

Because free mode is a decent way to optimize your blog post with Off Page SEO.

Free forms for off-page optimization.

# 1. Writing Guest Post – Guest post is a better way to create back links for your website. By writing the guest post in a great blog, high-speed backward links are obtained.

# 2. Blog comments: there are so many blogs of high domain authorities on the web that provide high speed backward links. To retrieve links from those websites, you must add your comment with the link to your website.

Comment on a blog should return links, but these links are not valuable to the search engine. In the eye of the search engine there is no value of these links because these are the nofollow links.

Friends, there are very few blogs on the web that offer search links. The maximum of these gives nofollow links.

# 3. Directory submission sites: these are the sites where you can send the link to your website for free and pay both. Now this is your choice and how you choose to build links for your website.

There are a lot of free and paid directory shipping sites, which allows you to follow high-speed backward links.

Now the question is: what is the difference between the free method and the paid one?

So, the difference is that the free method takes a long period (from one to six months) and one paid takes less than 24 hours.

Therefore, if you have a new domain, start generating links from today according to your niche.

# 4. Social bookmarking sites: these are very high domain authority sites. If you can retrieve the links from these high RP sites, it will help a lot to rank your website on any search engine.

Social bookmarking sites are those sites where you can share your web pages, articles, etc.

And people who are on those social bookmarking sites can easily see your post. And they can search related articles and can also search for the services they offer.

# 5. Search engine submission sites: sending the search engine is very important to your blog because it gives you a return link to your site. And every time you publish a post on your blog, it helps you send your post quickly in the search engines.

# 6. Edu and Gov presentation: the .edu domain name is a top level Internet domain. The name .edu is derived from education. The new registrants of the domain are required to be institutions of higher education affiliated

If you have any questions about this article, you can ask me in the comment box below.

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