WhatsApp to implement the Media Visibility feature

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world and offers two interesting new features for beta version 2.18.194. The two new updates include media visibility and a shortcut to add new contacts.

The visibility function of the media allows the user to establish the visibility of their multimedia files, which means that the user has access to hide the multimedia files and that they are not visible in galleries other than WhatsApp. This function will be available in the subsection Configuration of WhatsApp> Data and Storage. However, it is not clear if the user can prevent the image from being shared with other channels or not. Previously, the visibility of the media was available to hide or show downloaded content received from all contacts in the gallery.

The second feature is a shortcut for ‘New contact’ in the Select contact section. As of now, the only available shortcut is New group, but now there is a New contact function in which the user is expected to add a contact directly instead of adding it through the contacts directory.

Earlier, we reported that WhatsApp introduced the ‘Discard as administrator’ function. This feature will allow users to delete a particular person as administrator of a group. Users who are administrators of WhatsApp groups can degrade other administrators without eliminating the person from the group. This feature will be available in the latest version 2.18.41 of WhatsApp. However, to use this “Discard as administrator” function, the other user must be an administrator. Users will not see this option in groups where they are not administrators.

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