WhatsApp Useful Tips and Hacks

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Hello friends in this app, I will tell you 4 popular methods.

WhatsApp Useful Tips and Hacks

1. How to read WhatsApp messages without a blue tilde.

Blue Tick can be deleted even without deactivating the configuration in WhatsApp. Learn how to do it

Technology makes life easier. At the same time, there are some bad things about it. Talk to WhatsApp, where people connect with each other and, at the same time, it also works to create misunderstandings and create distances in relationships. In fact, there are many times in the blank space that we do not want to send a response immediately. But, when you see the message on WhatsApp, the tics are blue. In such a situation, if we do not respond to the sender’s message, then he thinks we are absorbing it …

WhatsApp Useful Tips and HacksIf you deactivate the Blue Dialing option by going to Settings, it stops showing front updates. We are telling you in such a way that you will also read the message of the person who sent it and you will feel that the message has not yet been read.

As soon as there is a WhatsApp message on your phone, take it to offline mode of the phone without seeing it. Then read the message.

Exit and close the WhatsApp with multiple windows. It is necessary to do this. Otherwise, if you connect online, there will be a blue tick in the message

Be online again Make sure that WhatsAppSwap is disabled. It is best not to open it for about half an hour.

2. How to run Whatsapp without a mobile phone number.

Friends, without mobile phone number, means How to run the WhatsApp application without verification of mobile phone number. You will definitely want to know about that. So let me tell you

  •  First, open your mobile to uninstall Whatsapp.
  •  Download Whatsapp from Play Store.
  •  Get the mobile flight mode.
  •  Download the fake message app from google play store.
  •  Install the fake message application.
  •  Now, you will not be asked to verify your mobile number unless you request an alternative method for verification.
  •  Now, choose ‘Verify via SMS’ or enter the email ID.
  •  Now, click on the Cancel button immediately.
  •  Now, open your fake message application or enter this information.

To: +447900657215
From: + (country code) (mobile number)
Message: Your email address
Now it will automatically verify your WhatsApp and you can use WhatsApp.

3. How to hack the WhatsApp spy on your girlfriend?

WhatsApp Useful Tips and Hacks : How to hack WhatsApp? This is an important question. Your direct answer would be that you can not hack WhatsApp without the interface. But with this trick, you can definitely track WhatsApp from your friend or relative.

  •  Take the phone of your friend whom you want to spy.
  •  Go to settings -> About phone -> Status -> Wi-Fi MAC address
  •  Note MAC address.
  •  Uninstall Whatsapp from your mobile device.
  •  Change your Mac ID with your friend’s fake Mac ID.
  •  Now download whatsap on your mobile. Now, you will send the Whatsap verification code to your friend’s mobile.
  •  Check your whatsapp.
  •  Now, when your friend or girlfriend does something on WhatsApp, you will know about each of their activities.

4. How to block WhatsApp with a pin: –

Obviously, these days everyone wants to secure their own WhatsApp. We all want our WhatsApp to remain fully protected or that none of us can access it. So come and read WhatsApp’s safety tips –

  • First, open your whatsapp account and then follow these steps.
  • Go to whatsapp settings -> Account -> Verification in two steps -> Enable
  • Now enter this information:

Make your password: – *******

Email ID ****** gmail.com

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